Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum Review

The Bissell CleanView Connect robot vacuum is one of the entry-level robot vacuums in the market today. For a long time, Bissell has been famous for making traditional vacuums, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners, but they now have several robot vacuums to further diversify their portfolio.

Bissell CleanView Connect

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Bissell CleanView Connect which is currently the most affordable robot vacuum from Bissell. Let’s jump in.

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Cleaning Performance

This robot vacuum comes with the familiar round shape common in many robot vacuums. It has two spinning side brushes that sweep dirt to the center of the robot’s path where it can be acted upon by the main brush and the vacuum.

Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum
Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum

The main brush roll is a bristle brush that is effective in cleaning both carpets and hard floors while at the same time being very easy to maintain. The final element of the CleanView Connect’s Triple Action Cleaning System is the 1500Pa suction.

This suction is certainly not the highest in the industry, but it does a decent job on most surfaces. The automatic floor recognition feature helps the robot balance between performance and runtime by automatically increasing the vacuum strength when it reaches a carpeted area and lowering it on hard floors that are relatively easier to clean.

Navigation and Control Options

When it comes to controls, the vacuum gives you two options. The first option is easy and straightforward because you only need to press the start/pause button on the top face and it will move around your home cleaning your different floor surfaces.

Bissell CleanView Connect  Vacuum Review
Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum

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Once you are happy with the results, pressing the start/pause button twice will send it back to the dock. However, if you want a bit more control, you can pair the robot with the Bissell Connect smartphone app and enjoy features like scheduling, different cleaning modes, support videos, alerts, and cleaning history.

This robot vacuum doesn’t come with a complex navigation system and at times you might have to free it when it gets stuck after hitting an obstacle. It won’t show you maps of the area cleaned but you will be able to remotely control it from outside your home.

With a height of 3.5 inches, this robot will have no problems reaching some of the tight spots that your upright or stick vacuum can’t reach.

Battery and Filtration Performance

One area where this robot shines is the battery’s performance. The battery needs 4 hours to fully charge and it will give you up to 100 minutes of runtime. This runtime should be sufficient for vacuuming most average sized rooms. However, you might have problems if you have too large rooms because the robot won’t be able to resume if it runs out of charge before it finishes vacuuming.

Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum Review
Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum

When it comes to filtration, this robot comes with a single-stage paper filter and a 0.4-liter dirt collection cup. This filter is not washable, but you can clean it severally using the included cleaning tool before you have to buy a replacement.


This robot vacuum is certainly not the most sophisticated nor is it the most futuristic robot vacuum out there, but it does deliver good value for money thanks to its lower price tag and good cleaning performance. If you are looking for something simple and affordable that can clean your floors, you won’t be disappointed with the Bissell CleanView Connect.

Bissell CleanView Connect Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell Vacuum Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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