Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpet in 2021

Cleaning can be one of the most meticulous jobs, especially when you have thick carpet. But unfortunately, it is not something that we can ignore – especially when thick carpet makes it so easy for residue to build up quickly and therefore difficult to get rid of.

Whilst a regular vacuum leaves you walking around the house for what feels like hours on end and always gets you building up a sweat, it is easy to see that it’s not the most user-friendly option. A better option can be a robot vacuum. Although some struggle to move around efficiently on carpet, there are still multiple out there that can leave your house feeling spotless whilst saving you time and energy.

Thick Carpet – What is it?
Carpets are a material used for flooring that provides not only warmth, but also comfort. They are often made from natural or synthetic fibers, with different choices of thickness.

The thickness of the carpet depends on what kind of pile it is. It can be either low pile, medium pile or high pile.

A low pile carpet has very short fibers which makes it look very flat. This is the best carpet for cleaning, as it is the easiest due to a very low amount of debris being able to build up. They are often used in areas which are frequently walked through. Any vacuum would be able to tackle this carpet.

A medium pile carpet is a carpet with fibers longer than low pile, but shorter than high pile. This makes them softer than low pile carpets, and are often used in rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms as they aren’t walked through as frequently as other rooms, thus making it less likely for debris to build up. Although, dust is a popular problem with this type of carpet as it catches it very quickly meaning you would need a brush roller on your vacuum to clean it thoroughly.

A high pile carpet has very long fibers, making it much softer in feel and appearance. They provide extra comfort but are very high maintenance. Heavy objects or frequent pressure can result in dips and marks in the carpet very quickly. They are often used in rooms which are very rarely walked through, and require a particular type of robot vacuum to effectively clean it.

Which Robot Vacuum is Right for Thick Carpets?
As we’ve already discussed, robot vacuums are great on low pile carpets and some for medium. However, finding one for high pile carpets can be a struggle. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when trying to find a robot vacuum for high pile carpets, these are listed below.

Battery Efficiency
The size of the battery is not the most important factor when choosing robot vacuums, however the efficiency of how the battery is used is. To figure this out, you need to look at the rate of discharge and recharge. For example, a good robot vacuum will perform for around 90-120 minutes and will only need to be charged for three hours before its battery is fully restored.

Filtration is especially important for high pile carpets due to the amount of dust and debris the robot vacuum can remove. HEPA filtration is one of the best filtration systems, however this is mostly found in the luxury end of robot vacuums. It is considered one of the best due to its ability to remove dust, pollen and allergens; however, if you want a HEPA filtration system you will have to pay the luxury price.

Floor Types
It is extremely unlikely for a house to have high pile carpet in every room throughout the house. Therefore, you need a robot vacuum that can function efficiently on different types of floor or carpet piles.

Control and Containment
Different robot vacuums have different control options. For example, some will come with a mobile app, some with voice commands, some with remote controls and some with push-buttons. Therefore, you need to find a robot vacuum with the control that is best suited for you.

As well as control options, there are also multiple containment options. For this, you can often find magnetic tape (however, this requires a lot of effort and craft to make it work effectively). There are also infrared beams and mobile app options.

Additional Features
In order to increase the chance of sale, manufacturers will often add additional features to their catalogue of robot vacuums. Some of these can help make your life easier, whilst others can be pointless. An example of good additional features is if a robot vacuum comes with additional filters, brushes or containment options.

However, with additional features comes additional price. When you are looking at robot vacuums you should compare additional features with the increase in price to ensure that you are still getting the best deal.

There can be many questions when looking for the best robot vacuum for thick carpet, so we have answered some below.

Do Robot Vacuums work on high pile carpets?
Robot Vacuums are mostly designed to work on low or medium pile carpets, however there are models available which work just as well on high pile carpets.

Is Roomba Robot Vacuum worth the price for use on high pile carpets?
Roomba Robot Vacuum is manufactured by iRobot which is one of the best manufacturers of robot vacuums in the world. They have multiple options of robot vacuums for high pile carpets, and they have the features to handle thick carpet with ease, such as powerful suction and an automatic height adjustment feature.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Hardwood Floors?
Yes, some robot vacuums have multiple surface or cleaning options. So all you would need to do is ensure that the robot vacuum is on the correct settings for the surface it is on.

Can robot vacuums that clean high pile carpets also mop hard floors?
The short answer is yes. Some robot vacuums are even able to clean corners or under some pieces of furniture. The best way for you to use this setting is to clear blockages or objects that could prevent or slow the process before they begin mopping.

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