Best Floor Buffer Machines in 2022

Do you dream of pristine floors with a long-lasting shine? Everybody wants a clean floor but they don’t want to spend hours doing back-breaking scrubbing. These days, lots of people want to avoid harsh toxic chemicals without sacrificing a sparkling floor. While this might sound impossible, it can be done with a floor polishing machine! If you have a large hard floor to keep on top of, a floor polishing machine is both a time and cost-effective solution.

Using an electric floor polisher is much better than cleaning the floor using traditional manual methods. You don’t need to spend time learning about different cleaning products such as wax and polish. They clean a large space much quicker than by hand. Using a polishing machine helps maintain a clean floor, and subsequent cleaning will be much easier. They also help to protect against nasty stains and marks.

Many people are put off buying a floor polisher because of the price as they can be quite expensive. However, they will increase the condition and lifespan of your floor, so they are a great long-term investment.

When it comes to choosing a floor polisher, it can be daunting as there are several different models on the market. At one end are basic hard floor cleaners. These usually clean and are more affordable. At the top end of the market, you will find high-spec machines that can perform an array of functions such as wax, polish, or strip hard floors. Some will also be capable of dry-cleaning carpets.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you choose the perfect floor cleaner. We have reviewed some of the most popular models and explained some of the key features to look out for.

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Pros of a Floor Polisher and Buffer at Home

If you buy a cordless floor polisher, you can easily clean every area of your home’s floor regardless of the surface. If you buy an advanced model, you can choose between automatic cleaning programs. These often also come with a handy water suction feature. This means you can dry the floor quickly and avoid wet footprints.

If keeping your floor pristine with minimal effort sounds like your idea of heaven, a floor buffer is for you. If you are only cleaning a small area, a small floor buffer will be more than sufficient at a lower cost.

Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine

Oreck’s Commercial ORB550MC Orbiter Floor Machine is one of the best and most popular floor polishers available. If you are looking for the best floor polisher for home use, look no further.

We love this clever machine because it is multi-purpose. It can scrub, strip, polish, or wax any floor with ease. It can also be used to deep clean dirtier floors and it won’t struggle on even heavy-duty carpets. The design is easy to use without much effort. Its brush head rotates in a random pattern, which lets the Oreck Orbiter move over floors easily without leaving any dreaded marks or gouges.

The Oreck Orbiter is easy to handle and weighs an impressive 24 pounds. This also means it is easy to clean carpets.

This model is a low-speed floor cleaner. It cleans at a speed of 175 RPM and has a 13-inch cleaning area. This is all powered by a 5.4A motor. For anyone wanting a high-performing floor polisher to use in the home, the Oreck Orbiter ticks all the boxes.

Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine

The next model on our list is the Koblenz RM-1715 Industrial Floor Machine. This machine is both reliable and efficient, especially when it comes to cleaning heavy-duty floors. The 1.5 HP motor works without vibration, which means it can clean without encountering any resistance.

The model cleans floors with no extra effort or hard work on your part. It is made to industrial standards and is unrivaled when it comes to quality. It has no trouble cleaning even the most stubborn stains and marks, even on uneven floors.

The cleaning area is 17 inches, with a 50-inch power cable. The durable handle is made from 13-gauge chrome steel. This makes the machine easy to operate and also hard-wearing.

Clarke CFP™ Pro 20HD Floor Polisher

Clarke’s CFP™ Pro 20HD Floor Polisher is a commercial floor buffer that cleans to a high level. This high-performance model has a 1.5 HP motor and an impressive 20-inch cleaning pad. This model runs at a low speed, so it can effectively clean, polish, and scrub all types of floors.

The Clarke Pro is easy to handle and has a number of safety features. These include a switch lock and a safety switch on the handle. A switch lock will stop you accidentally starting the machine and the handle trigger bar will automatically shut the machine off when the user lets go. These features let you use this heavy-duty machine without worrying about accidents.

The problem with most heavy-duty floor cleaners is they vibrate a lot when starting up on hard floors and this can make them noisy. The Clarke Pro has a triple gearbox which means it is both quiet and smooth, even when started-up on smooth floors. The brush cover has an Epoxy powder coating, which makes it resistant to chemical damage and corrosion. This high-performance floor cleaner is exceptionally safe to use and built to last. It is a great investment for anyone looking to care for their hard floors.

Floor Polisher Features

Type of Floor 

Before looking at floor cleaners, it is important to understand what type of floor you are going to be cleaning. Different materials will require different methods of polishing. Using a machine designed for cement could ruin a marble or wooden floor, so it is important to do some research and buy the right one.


Many people choose the lightest model when buying a floor polisher, thinking it will be easier to use and control. In order to be effective, polishers for large areas need a certain amount of weight to achieve the optimal shine. If you buy a model that isn’t heavy enough, it won’t have enough power or force to keep it stable while cleaning at high speeds. If you are looking to clean only your home, weight and size aren’t as important. A small, lighter version will be more suitable as it will be easier to move around corners and furniture. You will also have to store it somewhere, so take that into consideration when choosing.


When looking at how powerful a floor polisher is, you need to take a look at the horsepower. The higher the machine’s HP, the more power there is behind the rotating cleaning pads. Models with a higher HP are easier to move around with less effort from you, and they can clean at a higher speed. The majority of floor machines range between 0.5 and 1.5 HP.


A floor polisher’s speed is measured in RPMs. The RPM is the number of rotations per minute. The higher the RPM, the quicker the pads are rotating and cleaning. Quicker models will clean an area in a short time. Low-speed buffers are suitable for polishing hardwood and tiled floors, and usually have a speed of 175 RPM.

High-speed buffers have a rotation speed of between 1500 and 3000 RPB. They are also known as ‘burnishers’. They require more maintenance between uses than low-speed flood polishers. They usually give a higher shine, but most will only move in straight lines, meaning they aren’t great for most homes.


Most floor polishers now come with extra features, making them suitable for a number of cleaning tasks. Some come with brushes and mop heads so can be used for waxing and cleaning, as well as traditional cleaning. They are a great investment if a clean home is important to you.


Many things affect how efficient a floor polisher is at cleaning. Factors to consider are the number of cleaning functions, water tank capacity, and the total time it will take the machine to clean the floor. This is measured by looking at the cleaning path width. The wider the cleaning path, the quicker it will clean an area. If you are looking to clean a large commercial space, try to choose a floor polisher with a wide cleaning path.

User Friendly

One of the most important things to consider is how easy it will be to use. Even if you only plan on using it a couple of times a year, nobody wants to waste time with a difficult or confusing product. Look for a model that is easy to control. You should also look at how easy the pads are to change and refill.

Another thing to consider it’s the power source. Floor polishers can be either cordless and corded. Both have their merits, so it depends on what space you are looking to clean. If you are buying a cordless, make sure you check the runtime. You don’t want it to run out half way through cleaning a room. If you are opting for a corded design, consider how long the power cable is.

Mop vs. Brush

Different machines use different methods of cleaning, so it is important to check what attachments are included. If the model uses brushes, are spares and different brushes included? If it uses mop pads, are there spares or extras suitable for different floors? Using the wrong type on your floor could damage or scratch it. On the other hand, using a soft brush on a concrete floor will have limited effectiveness.

Some machines will have interchangeable attachments. These are usually optional extras and can be purchased later as you need them. Both mop and brush systems are effective, it just depends on what floor surface you have.

Water Tank

Some floor polishers have fitted water tanks, usually models that are specifically designed for mopping or waxing. This tank will need to be filled with either water or a cleaning product suitable for the floor surface you are cleaning. Bigger water tanks need filling less often so you can clean uninterrupted. However, remember that a larger water tank will take up more space when storing your floor polisher. If you buy a model with a small water tank, make sure you have a way to frequently refill it while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are burnishers and buffers different?

A burnisher is designed to restore a floor’s shine, while a buffer will strip a floor.

A floor buffer is specifically designed to remove wax from the floor.

Can I rent a floor buffer?

You can find rental floor buffers at Home Depot Tool Rental Center.

I’m new to this! How do I buff a floor?

Although buffing a floor might sound scary, it is actually very easy. Begin by removing any items from the floor.

Use wet floor signs to stop people from walking into the wet area and slipping.
Clear the area of dust and debris using a broom.
Use a wet mop to fully clean the chosen area.
Let the floor FULLY dry, usually 2 hours. Using a fan can speed this up.

Now it’s time to buff the floor! We recommend starting in a corner and working around the room. This will make sure you don’t miss a patch.

Spray a cleaning solution design for buffing on the floor. Use a microfiber to buff the floor in slow, side-to-side movements.
Spray the solution on the floor again. Attach the buffing pads to your machine. If you don’t know which one to buy, check out our recommendations above.
Working in small sections, rotate the buffer backward and forwards across each section of the floor.
Identify any obvious scratches or marks. These will require more effort, so hold the machine over these for longer to help remove them. Continue until they are gone.

Once you have finished, it is time to dry buff. To do this, use a clean dust mop to clean the entire space. This will remove any dust left behind and leave your floors looking perfect.

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