Hard floors can be quite difficult to clean.

Vacuum cleaners tend to be too aggressive and can eat into the polished surface to turn your once shiny and glossy floor to something dull and unappealing. They also don’t handle wet messes very well.

Shark VM252 Review

Shark Vacuum Cleaner Review

The other option for cleaning these floors is a mop, but they don’t do very well in cleaning solid messes. You would have to make very many passes.

This is the dilemma that Shark engineers had in mind when they were designing the Shark VACMOP cordless hard floor vacuum mop. This device is the perfect compromise between a vacuum cleaner and a mop for cleaning hard floors.

Let’s take a closer look and see if it’s worth buying.

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How it Works

As the name suggests, the VACMOP Pro combines the function of a mop with that of a vacuum to give you a hybrid device that can mop and vacuum. It looks very similar to a stick vacuum except that it doesn’t have a brush roll or wheels.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro

Shark VACMOP Pro

Underneath the VACMOP is a disposable mopping pad that soaks up any wet messes on the floor after the vacuum has sucked up any solid particles from the floor. Both the vacuuming and mopping functions can be controlled independently using switches located strategically on the handle.

One switch controls the suction while the other will spray water on the floor in front of the VACMOP Pro. You also get a set of four LED headlights that illuminate the area directly in front of the mop. These lights go on automatically so you won’t have to worry about the switch.

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What’s in the Package?

The VACMOP comes with a charging adapter and a free sample of the consumables to get you started. You get a bottle of cleaning solution that can give you several cleaning runs before you have to buy some more.

Shark VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum

Shark VACMOP Pro

You also get two cleaning pads that will give you about one use each. However, if you are just mopping a small area of your home or cleaning up after a liquid spill, you might get more than one use from a single pad. However, you will probably be needing more of these before the test cleaning solution runs out.

Removing the pads is quick and easy because you only have to release the clip above the pad and it will fall directly into the trash without getting your hands dirty. The front of the cleaning pad comes with a small plastic bin that holds any extra debris that is not sucked into the vacuum.

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Battery Performance

Being a cordless device, we have to consider the battery. From a single charge, you’ll be able to get about 10-15 minutes of runtime on this device which is not very bad. You can, however, get more runtime time out of this if you do more mopping and less vacuuming.

Shark VACMOP Pro Vacuum Mop Review

Shark VACMOP Pro


The Shark VACMOP Pro is a great device if you are looking for an all in one solution for cleaning your hard floors. It’s compact, affordable, and lightweight, and using it is quick and easy.

The storage compartment for the cleaning solution is great because you just fill it with whatever cleaning solution you prefer for your hard floors so you don’t necessarily have to buy from Shark. It’s effective in cleaning most stains from hard floors and quieter in operation when compared to most vacuum cleaners.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop Review

Shark VM252 Vacuum Mop Review

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