Most hard floors are very sensitive. With this in mind, keeping them clean without eating into their delicate glossy surface can be quite an uphill task. To succeed, you will need special cleaning equipment that’s tough on stains but gentle on the floor surface.

BISSELL CrossWave 1785A Floor and Carpet Cleaner with Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Bissell 1785A

Today, we’ll be doing a head to head comparison of two cleaning appliances designed specifically for cleaning hard floors. These are the Shark VACMOP Pro and the Bissell CrossWave.

Let’s jump in!

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Let’s start by looking at the overall shape and appearance of each of these devices.


This device is simpler than the CrossWave in that it is a portable stick vacuum with a mopping pad underneath. The floor tool has a place for fitting the mopping pad which comes with a plastic area at the front where the suction is applied. You also get four LED lights for illuminating dark areas as you clean.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum

Shark VACMOP Pro

The main body houses the motor, the battery, a reservoir for cleaning solution, and the water outlet nozzle. One notable benefit of having the reservoir is that you can pour in any cleaning solution that you prefer for your floors. This means that you won’t need to buy special cleaning solutions that come with bottles that are compatible with the mop.

Then there is the handle that houses two controls. A button for spraying the cleaning solution and another for turning on the suction.

Bissell CrossWave

Unlike the VACMOP, the Bissell CorssWave is a corded device so there are no batteries anywhere. However, this also means that it comes with a power cord that you will have to move around with as you clean.

When it comes to the floor tool, the Bissell CrossWave is a bit more versatile in that it comes with a brush roll. This brush roll is gentle enough to handle hard floors while at the same time giving you the ability to clean area rugs should you come across them in the course of the cleaning.

BISSELL CrossWave 1785A

Bissell 1785A

The main body houses two tanks, one for cleaning solution and the other for dirty water vacuumed from the dirty floors. This section also houses the motor that spins to develop the suction and the filters that prevent the vacuumed dirt and dirty liquids from reaching the motor.

Finally, there is a handle that holds the switches that control the device. Two buttons allow you to choose the floor type that you will be cleaning. Here you can switch between hard floor and area rug modes. Then there is the trigger that supplies cleaning the solution to the brush roll when squeezed.

Cleaning Performance

Now that we know how each of these devices looks like, let’s take a look at how they perform.


This device is as simple as vacuum mops get. You have a cleaning pad that functions both as a mopping pad and a storage bin for vacuumed dirt. This is advantageous in that you only have one thing to throw away after you are done cleaning. However, the storage chamber is not very large hence you might find yourself running out of space if you have large chunks of solid debris on your floors.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Review

Shark VACMOP Pro

Water is sprayed directly to the floor in front of the mop so you control the amount of water that will be used. This helps you ensure that the mopping pad doesn’t get too wet especially when you are working on wet messes.

However, the amount of liquid you can soak up from the floor is limited because there is no onboard tank for dirty water. You will need to change the mopping pad every time it gets too wet hence the VACMOP won’t do a very good job on excessively wet messes.

Bissell CrossWave

This device outshines the VACMOP when it comes to cleaning performance because of its ability to tackle almost any stain that might be present on your hard floors. The soft brush roll that lightly scrubs your hard floors while at the same time mopping away tough stains gives you better results especially if you are dealing with tough stains that are strongly embedded on the floor surface.

The onboard storage tank for dirty water also makes it easy for you to deal with all kinds of wet messes without worrying about excessive wetness on the mopping pad. Furthermore, the ability to clean area rugs is a bonus because you won’t have to buy a separate device for each floor type hence cleaning is faster, cheaper, and easier.

BISSELL CrossWave 1785A Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum Mop Review


Both these devices will produce decent results if you are looking for something to mop your hard floors. However, some differences will affect your use if you are looking for much more than a mop that can pick up solid debris from your floors.

The Bissell CrossWave will easily clean hard floors while giving you the extra versatility of cleaning any area rugs that you might have. It does a better job on excessively wet messes and strongly embedded stains that would have been hard to clean using the VACMOP. However, it is larger, heavier, and costs more.

On the other hand, the Shark VACMOP is ideal just for mopping hard floors with small amounts of solid debris and no area rugs. It is an affordable, portable, and lightweight device that does a good job mopping away mud, liquid spills, and dried-up stains from hard floors.

Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop Review

Shark VACMOP Pro vs Bissell CrossWave

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