It is essential to keep your interior cool and comfortable when hot weather hits and a high quality fan adds comfort to your life by maintaining the temperature indoors. The recent development in fan technology has brought considerable changes to the lifestyle today. Gone are the days when you needed multiple fans to cool down just one space. The design and performance of the fans today mean that they are able to efficiently cool down entire rooms.

The intelligently designed device may be small and quiet, but can cool entire rooms comfortably. One manufacturer of such high performing fans is Vornado, and has come up with some quality products. The Vornado 530, Vornado 630, and Vornado 660 are all examples of products that have unique units which come with great design and are suitable for the specific needs of the user.

While all the products offer great quality, a detailed comparison of all the fans will help us determine the superior of all the three products.

Vornado 530 vs 630 vs 660

The best way to analyze any product is to review the performance it delivers. The performance of each fan stands as a great benchmark to verify which product exceeds expectations and stands out. All the products in question are small in stature; however their stature does not affect their performance by any means.

The Vornado 530 is the smallest of all fans; the product weighs just over 4 pounds and stands tall over 11 inches. The size of the fan does not give away the power the 18-inch commercial fan possesses, as it covers a distance of 65 feet. In comparison to the 530, the Vornado 630 stands tall at a height of 14 inches and weighs 6 pounds, the product has specially designed blades that move air up to 70 feet.

The Vornado 630 is the largest and the heftiest of all the three units. The product weighs over 7 pounds and stands 15 inches tall. While the product is slightly larger, it comes with enhanced performance and delivers great results for the user.

The Vornado 660 comes with a special vortex action which is responsible for powering air up to 100 feet. The highly effective fan can circulate cool air through large rooms and living spaces.

Going by the features that each of the three fans mentioned above offer it is safe to say that all of them have an impressive performance. The Vornado 530 is small but it still is incredibly efficient in cooling down small spaces. The Vornado 630 is designed to cool down small to medium sized rooms; this makes the fan perfect for offices, bedrooms, or small kitchens. The Vornado 660 is the most powerful of all the three fans, making it the perfect choice for cooling down appropriately sized rooms.

Design Elements
In comparison to the traditional upright fans, each of these units is sleeker, smaller, and more subtle. The design and the compactness of the Vornado 530, 630, and 660 fans explain the high demand all the products have. Deep pitch blades are enclosed around the cylindrical ducts in all products; as a result there is high-velocity airflow from fans that are quiet and unobtrusive. The design of the products ensures that each of them is easy to clean.

The upgraded base of the Vornado 630 makes it more stable than the Vornado 530. In comparison to the two, the Vornado 660 comes with a redesigned exterior which contrasts the glossy and matte surfaces of the other two. The sophisticated styling has led to the creation of a glide bar in the 660 that ensures fluid movement, allowing users to rotate the fan horizontally and vertically.

The fans that were unimpressed by the boring and simple designs that surround them are pleased to use the Vornado products as they are an upgrade from the traditional versions. However, if we were to choose the well-designed between the three, we will choose the Vornado 660 as it has exterior styling and a chrome glide bar.

Increased Air Flow
Airflow is definitely the essential factor that all consumers are looking from a fan. The design and the convenience of the product can mean nothing if it does not give the desirable levels of airflow. Thanks to the high powered motors, all three of the Vornado units provide the user with improved air circulation that can be felt around the room.

The tilting heads of the fans means that the users can create a customized experience. The presence of an AirTensity Grill in all the products enhances the air flow by providing the user with multi-directional airflow. The heavily contoured blades are also the reason for an increase in airflow in all the three products.

While all the models deliver their promise of increasing the airflow, it is the Vornado 660 that once again steals the show. The patented Vortex Action which is a result of the use of the Vornado Circulator provides the user with consistent air temperature. The consistent air temperature remains the same throughout the room and is meant to add to the comfort levels indoors.

Each Vornado fan is equipped with an impressive airflow, this is a testament of the quality that the brand offers. Although the Vornado 530 and the Vornado 60 are small units they possess aerodynamic airflow of professional quality which makes them remarkable too. Larger spaces that need immediate cooling need the quality of the Vornado 660 that features the most effective airflow which makes it the superior model in the category.

Additional Features
The features mentioned above are not the only great things about all the three products in discussion. The design of all the products as established before is eye-catching and different from the other models in the market.

The Vornado 530 and 660 feature a tilting head that allows the user to point them at a place which is convenient for your specific needs. You can access the three-speed setting with the help of a dial that is located on the base of the unit. The dial creates a customized experience depending on the heat and the size of the room.

While the Vornado 660 is similar to the other two models in many ways, it possesses a few notable features that set it apart. Not only does the product have a slightly smaller base it is also re-designed to provide the user with better speed controls. The button controls of the product are placed at a convenient location which allows the user to select from the four-speed settings available. The additional speeds aid in maximum customization of the product which suits your cooling needs.

The Vornado 530, Vornado 630 and Vornado 660 are all designed to provide effective and efficient cooling to rooms. All the products come with superior construction and possess features that are remarkably superior from the other fans in the industry. Each one of these fans is bound to get the job done depending on your space and cooling preferences.

However, when it comes to individual performances it is safe to say that the Vornado 660 provides superior performance and is an impressive unit. Both the Vornado 530 and 630 are designed for small spaces, while the Vornado 660 is designed exclusively for appropriate sized rooms. Given the superior performance it makes sense for the Vornado 660 to come with a superior price tag.

If you are looking for a fan for smaller spaces, we suggest choosing from the Vornado 530 and Vornado 630. However if you are looking for a fan that provides the best experience then Vornado 660 is definitely the right pick.