Shop-Vac 3942300 vs. Bissell Garage Pro 18P03: Wall-Mounted Vacuums

Vacuums designed for commercial spaces are supposed to be tough and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use. Although there are several mobile vacuums for this purpose, the best results usually come from wall-mounted vacuums.

Bissell 18P03 Review
Bissell 18P03

This is because floor space in garages and workshops is very valuable. If you are like most people, your garage is probably a storage space for everything that you don’t want inside your house. As a result, a wall-mounted vacuum will help you save this precious floor space for something else. In a small way, the wall-mounted vacuum can also help you reduce the clutter on your floor and help your garage or workshop look neat and more organized.

In this article, we’ll be comparing two of these vacuum cleaners in a bid to establish which one will be best suited for your shop or garage. These are the Shop-Vac 3942300 and the Bissell Garage Pro 18P03. These vacuums are affordable and powerful enough to handle most messes that you are likely to come across in your garage or commercial establishment.

Let’s jump in and find out how they perform.

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Cleaning Performance

The main reason for a shop vacuum is cleaning so we’ll begin by finding out how good these vacuums are at picking up all manner of dirt from your floors.

Shop-Vac 3942300
This is a wet/dry vacuum that does an amazing job of cleaning tough environments. Thanks to the powerful motor capable of delivering up to 4 horsepower, this vacuum has powerful suction that will easily pick up all sorts of debris from your workshop or garage floors.

Shop-Vac 3942300
Shop-Vac 3942300

The fact that it is a wet/dry vacuum means that you have options when it comes to the type of messes that you can clean. It will easily and effortlessly handle liquid spills and dry debris to leave you with a clean workshop.

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03
This wall-mounted vacuum also does a great job of keeping your workshop or garage clean. It comes with a powerful 12 amp motor that delivers powerful suction to pick up all sizes of particles from your floors.

Like the Shop-Vac, this vacuum is also a wet/dry vacuum so you will have no trouble cleaning up both wet and dry messes. It takes things one notch higher by adding the blower function that will give you an easy time when you want to blow leaves and other light debris into a pile for collection.


Any vacuum cleaner would be useless if it picks up dirt and fine particles from the floor and scatters it all over the room because of inadequate filtration. Let’s find out how these two perform when it comes to filtration.

Shop-Vac 3942300
The makers of this central vacuum did a splendid job when designing the filtration system on this vacuum. Not only does it come with a filter, but it also comes with a disposable bag that you can use if you want to keep the collected dirt and debris in a neat and compact package that is easy to empty.

The filter on this vacuum is not a HEPA filter, but it does a decent job of capturing a big chunk of the fine particles and keeping them from making it back to your workshop through the exhaust.

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03
This vacuum also does a wonderful job when it comes to filtration. It comes with a 2-stage filter that does a great job of keeping the exhaust air clean. The first stage is a washable pre-motor filter that captures a majority of the dirt because it is closest to the dirt collection area.

Bissell 18P03 Wet Dry Car Blower Review
Bissell 18P03

The second filtration stage is done by the HEPA media filter that is strategically placed after the motor. This filter ensures that none of the fine particles from your workshop or garage floors make it back into the air hence you will be able to enjoy unmatched air quality.

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Since we are dealing with large and powerful vacuums, maneuverability is an important aspect that can’t be overlooked. You don’t want to end up with a vacuum that will be hard to maneuver as you clean.

Shop-Vac 3942300
This vacuum comes with an easy to install wall-mount that you place strategically on your garage wall. You will have to think about reach because the extension hose on this vacuum is only 18 feet long so if you place the vacuum on one end of a large workshop, you might have trouble reaching the opposite end.

Shop-Vac 3942300 Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review
Shop-Vac 3942300

That aside, this hose is still long enough to comfortably reach all parts of most small and medium garages and workshops. The vacuum is easy to dock on the wall mount hence you can always remove it for use as a canister vacuum if you need to clean areas that can’t be reached by the hose when the vacuum is docked.

It only weighs 16 pounds and it comes with a handle above the unit so carrying it to the part of your garage that can’t be reached by the hose will not be a problem.

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03
This vacuum does impeccably when it comes to maneuverability thanks to the 32-foot extension hose. Armed with this hose, you will have no problems reaching dirt wherever it may be hiding. Even if you have a big garage, you will not need to move the 33.2-pound main unit whether you are cleaning the floor or inside a car.


Let’s finish by looking at the accessories that come with each of these vacuums.

Shop-Vac 3942300
When it comes to accessories, this vacuum comes with the 18-foot hose, three extension wands, a 12-inch nozzle that can be used with a brush or squeegee, a round brush, a crevice tool, a gulper nozzle, and a bag for keeping these accessories when they are not in use.

These are not as many as the accessories in the Bissell, but they are still more than enough for cleaning most of the messes you’d come across in the garage.

Bissell Garage Pro 18P03
This vacuum also comes with accessories that come in handy when cleaning various areas in your home. First, you get a crevice tool that does an amazing job on tight spaces and corners. It also comes with a dusting brush that will do a great job on delicate car interiors and a small upholstery tool for quick above-ground pickups.

You also get a multipurpose floor tool for use on carpets and hard floors, and a large area tool if you want to complete the job faster. You also get a storage bag for all these accessories so that they can all be neatly placed within reach.

Shop-Vac 3942300 Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shop-Vac 3 Wet/Dry Vacuum Review


Both these vacuums are amazing options for garages and commercial establishments. The Shop-Vac vacuum is a great choice for you if you have a small garage that doesn’t need a long hose. On the other hand, the Bissell Garage Pro vacuum is a great choice if you are looking for a vacuum for cleaning a large area.

The long hose will help you reach far and wide without having to move the canister. The blower function is another great option that will come in handy because you won’t need to buy a separate blower when you find yourself in need of something to blow light debris such as leaves into a pile for an easier time cleaning.

Bissell 18P03 Wall-Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum/Blower Review

Bissell Vacuum/Blower Review

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