Cordless stick vacuums present a unique cleaning solution that is hard to find in any other vacuum cleaner. They are compact, lightweight, versatile and usually very affordable. Many of them are not as powerful as their larger counterparts, but they are still powerful enough to comfortably handle most household messes.

Shark ION F80 vs. Tineco A11 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum

In this article, we will be looking at two cordless stick vacuums in a bid to identify which one will give you the best value for money. These are the Tineco A11 Master and the Shark ION F80. They are both very popular choices among customers looking for cordless stick vacuums.

The Tineco A series of cordless stick vacuums comes with several interesting models that have quickly become favorites in the market. The A11 Master is the flagship model in this series hence it comes loaded with the very best of features when compared to the other models in this series.

On the other hand, the Shark ION F80 pushes the limit when it comes to flexibility. It comes with a unique design that gives you the ability to clean parts of your home that would have been difficult to clean using many of the common designs.

Tineco A11 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum

Let’s dig in and identify the similarities and differences between these two vacuum cleaners.

Vacuuming Performance

Let’s start by finding out how effective these two devices are at vacuuming different floor surfaces and the kind of results you should expect to get from them.

Shark ION F80
This cordless stick vacuum comes with decent suction for a cordless stick vacuum while at the same time ensuring that you have options for accommodating the different floor types in your home. The main powerhead works with two brushrolls that you can use to get a perfect solution for the different floor surfaces in your home.

Shark ION F80

The first brushroll is a soft roller brush for ensuring that you have no problems picking up fine particles from hard surfaces while at the same time staying gentle on the surfaces. If you have polished hardwood floors, this brush will ensure that you get impressive results without leaving any ugly marks.

The second brush is a bristle brush perfect for vacuuming carpets. It has bristles that penetrate the carpet fibers to dislodge any dirt particles embedded deep within the fibers.

Another impressive feature on this powerhead is the inclusion of LED headlights that will illuminate any dark areas to ensure that no stains are missed because of poor illumination.

Tineco A11 Master
On the other hand, the Tineco A11 Master cordless stick vacuum delivers a compact but powerful cleaning solution for your home. It comes with a 450-watt digital motor that does an amazing job of creating the suction required for picking up particles of all sizes from your floors.

Tineco A11 Master Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

It’s similar to the F80 in that you get two options when it comes to brushes. However, in this vacuum, the options come in complete full-size powerheads as opposed to just changing the brushes like it is in the F80. You get one powerhead with bristles for carpets and another with a soft roller brush for protecting your polished hard floor surfaces.

Battery Performance

The battery is a very important part of cordless devices and since both these stick vacuums are cordless, this comparison would be incomplete if we don’t consider their batteries.

Shark ION F80
This cordless stick vacuum comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. This means that you never need to worry about runtime because you can always purchase extra batteries until you get the runtime that you need for your regular cleaning task.

Each battery will give you up to 40 minutes of runtime so you will be able to get a runtime of up to 80 minutes from this stick vacuum off the box. When one battery runs low, you can charge it as you use the extra one to get even more runtime than the 80 minutes. With enough batteries, you can have potentially unlimited runtime.

Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum

Tineco A11 Master
This cordless stick vacuum also comes with two removable batteries that give you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to runtime. With the two batteries that are included with the vacuum, you will be able to get up to 60 minutes of runtime.

It also comes with a powerhouse that you can use for storage. This powerhouse has space for the vacuum and all the accessories. It also has space for charging both batteries. No need to set timers so that you can switch from charging one battery to the other. The powerhouse provides storage for all accessories and charges the two batteries concurrently.

Versatility and Portability

Another important attribute in a stick vacuum is versatility. It needs to provide a one-stop solution to as many of your cleaning needs as possible. It also needs to be portable enough to carry around without any problems. Let’s find out how these two perform when it comes to portability and versatility.

Shark Ion F80
At 8.7 pounds, this stick vacuum is heavier when compared to the Tineco, but it is still portable enough to carry around your home without any problems. The wand on this vacuum comes with the MultiFLEX technology that makes your life very easy when cleaning under furniture and other hard to reach areas.

Tineco A11 Master Stick Vacuum

This technology allows the wand to fold and give you easy access to hard-to-reach areas because the first half of the wand will lie flat parallel to the ground. This way, you won’t have to bend so much when cleaning these areas. It also comes in handy when storing the vacuum because it enables you to fold the vacuum over for an upright storage position at half the normal height.

When you need a handheld vacuum, this device is versatile enough to give you an easy solution for your needs. You only need to remove the wand and connect an accessory like the crevice tool to the main unit and you will be able to quickly clean above-ground areas.

Tineco A11 Master
The Tineco A11 Master cordless stick vacuum also does well in the portability department thanks to a compact and lightweight design. At only 5.5 pounds, you will not have any problem carrying this stick vacuum around your home as you clean.

It’s also quite versatile, quickly converting to a handheld vacuum for use with one of the many accessories included in the package. You get a flexible extension hose, a flexible tube that you can set to different angles, a soft dusting brush, a combination dusting brush, two crevice tools, and a small power brush.

Tineco A11 Master vs Shark ION F80


Both these stick vacuums are quite impressive and this is seen in their popularity in the market. The Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum has an innovative wand that makes work easy when cleaning hard to reach areas. However, the Tineco does better thanks to the innovative powerhouse for storage and the larger number of accessories that make it more versatile. With this in mind, it will be a perfect solution for more cleaning situations.

Tineco A11 Master