With all the many things competing for our limited resources, any product that makes it possible for us to kill two or more birds with a single stone is a welcome breath of fresh air. For example, robot vacuums help us get a vacuumed home without active participation in the cleaning process. Robot vacuums and mops take it a step further by vacuuming and mopping the floor without our direct input in the process.

eufy RoboVac L70

eufy RoboVac L70

In this article, we are going to look at two robot vacuum mops. These are the Roborock S6 and the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid. Both these devices will vacuum and mop your floors automatically to ensure that you come home to a clean environment without putting in the hard work.

We’ll compare them in distinct categories that are important considerations when choosing a vacuum mop in a bid to find out which one offers better value for money.

Vacuuming Performance

Let’s start by looking at how effective these machines are at vacuuming dirt and other unwanted particles from different types of floors.

Roborock S6 vs. Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid

Roborock S6
Suction is one of the most important attributes in vacuum cleaners and this one does not disappoint. It can generate a maximum suction of 2000 Pa. This suction is slightly lower than what is in the RoboVac L70, but it is still strong enough to pick up debris as large as AA batteries. On hard floors, it will operate with lower suction levels but it quickly switches to maximum suction when it reaches a carpeted area.

It also comes with a spinning side brush to ensure that any dirt present in corners and along the edges where the main brush can’t reach is swept into the main brush’s path. This side brush spins at different speeds to ensure that it gets dirt from corners and edges while at the same time making sure that dirt is not thrown all over the room.

Speaking of the main brush, it comes with nylon bristles that will sweep and clean hard floors while at the same time being strong enough to dislodge any dirt that might be embedded deep within carpet fibers so that the suction can lift it into the collection bin.

The main brush comes with a floating design that will see to it that the brush is always at the ideal height no matter the floor surface being cleaned.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid

Like the Roborock S6, this robot also does not disappoint in the suction department. It can generate a maximum of 2200 Pascals that enable the robot to pick up large and small particles alike. It comes with BoostIQ technology that increases suction automatically when the robot reaches an area that needs extra suction like on carpets.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid

This robot also comes with a spinning side brush to ensure that no dirt is left on corners and on edges where the main brush can’t reach. The main brush also comes with bristles that will sweep dirt from hard floors while at the same time being tough on any dirt that could be embedded deep in carpet fibers.

Mopping Performance

Now that we know how effective these robots are in vacuuming, let’s find out how they perform when it’s time to mop your floors.

Roborock S6
To use this robot for mopping, you will need to dampen the mopping cloth, slide it into the water tank then all that will be left is snapping the tank onto the underside of the robot. Once this is done, it will be ready to begin mopping your floors.

Roborock S6

You can adjust the flow rate to ensure that your floors don’t get too wet while also ensuring that it is moist enough to pick up the fine dust to leave you with a shiny and sparkling clean floor.

Eufy RoboVac L70
This robot also comes with the mopping feature that enables you to get hard floors that are cleaner than what you would have achieved with a robot vacuum alone. The mop on this vacuum comes with a washable mopping cloth and automatic water control to ensure that only enough water is dispensed to clean your floor without spilling excess water.

You also get the power to adjust mopping power settings to ensure that the robot produces the best results for your specific floor type.

Battery Performance

Being cordless devices, battery life is very important. Let’s check to find out how they perform.

Roborock S6
Unlike most robot vacuums that only last for one hour or so, this robot comes with an impressive battery that will power the robot for up to 3 hours in quiet mode. This is an impressive runtime that most other robots can only dream of achieving.

Roborock S6 Review

In the unlikely event that the robot runs low on charge before completing a job, it will head back to the charging dock, recharge up to 80% battery life, then resume from where it had stopped. This way, you won’t ever need to worry about runtime because everything will run automatically until the job is complete.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid
When it comes to runtime, this robot is not as powerful as the Roborock S6, but it is still decent when compared to what’s available in the market. The battery on this robot will power its cleaning operations for up to 2.5 hours.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid Robot Vacuum

Like the Roborock, this robot will also pause the cleaning job when the battery runs low, go back to the charging dock, recharge and resume cleaning from where it had stopped.


Let’s finish by looking at how these two robots move around.

Roborock S6
This robot mop has been built with advanced routing technology that enables it to understand the shape of the different rooms in your home and the placement of different obstacles within the room so that it can come up with the most efficient path.

The mapping technology in place also gives you the power to choose the rooms that you would like to be cleaned along with virtual boundaries that tell the robot the areas to keep off. Unfortunately, it can only store a map of one level so if your home has multiple floors, it will have to make a map every time it moves to the other floor.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid
The Eufy L70 robot also creates a virtual map of your home using the built-in laser navigation to identify and avoid any obstacles along the path. It also allows you to set no-go zones from your phone so that you can tell the robot exactly where to clean and when.

It also stores one map so if you need it to vacuum a different floor in your home, it will have to create a new map for the new layout every time you move it to a new floor.

Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid Review


These devices bring great value for money because of their ability to do more than a typical robot vacuum. The Roborock S6 has slightly higher runtime and will be able to clean for 30 minutes after the Eufy RoboVac has fully drained its battery so if you have very large rooms, you might be better off with the Roborock. However, if mopping performance is more important to you, then the Eufy RoboVac’s automatic water control will be more useful.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

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