Review of the Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend

With Pentair comes intelligent and innovative inground pool cleaning. The Kreepy Krauly Legend is no exception. This particular unit is designed for inground pools of all shapes and sizes. This cleaner has a smart and powerful front wheel drive, which only adds more efficiency to your pool cleaning.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly

Also a notable addition, 4 wheels instead of 3. This four wheeled machine makes turning it on, tossing it in and going about your daily life worry free.

As well as the impressive addition of a fourth wheel, the unit comes equipped with treaded tires, a high capacity sand bag, an adjustable 30 foot hose and colored light grey or white to blend in nicely with your pool.

This sturdy cleaner weighs about 22 pounds and measures 23.5 x 23.5 x 11 in inches. Easy to pick up and toss in the pool and weighted enough to avoid pesky floating issues.

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Hydrodynamic dream

This unit was designed with aesthetic, convenience and peace of mind at the forefront. Built with a sleek hydrodynamic body and with 4 wheels, this pool cleaner is a game changer. Typical pool cleaners usually have 3 wheels, which causes some concern over tipping.

Pentair LL505G
Pentair LL505G

Many pools are asymmetrical or custom designed, so you might not feel very confident that tossing a standard three-wheeler in will get the job done without having to fish it out! The Kreepy Krauly unit solves this issue.

With a random movement and reverse functionality, getting turned around or stuck in one spot is not a concern for this pool cleaner. The tires have a unique tread design, which enables it to move through your custom pool with ease and added stability. It’s able to move over pool fixtures, siding and the shallow end to deep end slope without breaking a sweat.

The included backup valve forces the unit to reverse if there is an obstacle in its way which saves you time and energy. There’s no picking it up and putting it in the right direction for this unit. The tire design ensures that it’s compatible with gunite, fiberglass, vinyl, and even Pebbel Tech pool materials.

Energy and time efficient

With this low fuss pool cleaner, the weary days of using a long skimmer tool or an obtuse manual vacuum in the hot sun are long gone. The cleaner comes with a generous 30 foot feed hose, a wall adaptor, a sweeper hose and sturdy sand bag attachment for debris collection. Most of the unit is assembled with the exception of the hoses and instructions are included so that installation is straightforward.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend Review
Pentair LL505G

The feed hose is easily cut to fit the dimensions of your pool. You will need to ensure that you have a separate booster pump in order for the unit to operate. Once assembled, it can be tossed into your pool. With the powerful front wheel drive it typically takes a snappy 1-3 hours to finish cleaning and you can leave it unattended without concern. Come back, and your pool will be fresh, pristine, and ready for fun.

Superior suction

The Kreepy Krauly unit is equipped with an intelligent double jet system that sits above a larger than average intake throat. This enables the unit to vacuum up even more debris than your standard pool cleaner and avoid clogging issues. Anything from pebbles, dirt and even larger twigs and sticks: it can handle it. A duck billed valve is placed above the throat system to keep debris from spilling out, even when powered down.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend
Pentair LL505G

The included debris bag has a larger capacity than the average pool cleaner bag, but when it comes time to empty it, it’s nothing but simple. Simply detach from the main head, pop open the easy top clip and dispose of accordingly.

The Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend: a revolution in pool cleaning

Summer is for relaxation. Don’t get caught in the weeds. Don’t waste valuable time cleaning your pool with outdated tools when you could spend it instead with family and friends by a fresh, pristine pool. The Kreepy Krauly is the only solution, and you deserve to take advantage of it.

This unit is designed to last for years with regular maintenance. When you take the powerful double jet system coupled with the larger intake, the innovative front wheel drive, 4 wheels, and easy to clean debris bag: you get first rate pool cleaning. This pool cleaner guarantees that you’ll be taking your pool maintenance to the next level.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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