Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer Review [PAN760SF]

Much like the actual Panda bear, this little dryer from the Panda brand is compact and small — but demands to be taken seriously. Weighing in at 48 lbs and measuring 23.5 x 22.5 x 27.5 in inches, the Panda PAN760SF is a seriously portable dryer.

Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer PAN760SF

Ideal for apartments, mini homes, dorms, Recreational Vehicles and many other small spaces that might not accommodate a large sized dryer. It’s so portable, you can even take it to the campground with you.

However, don’t let its demure dimensions discourage you. This dryer can be filled with 13 pounds of damp clothing, with a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. You can stack this unit on top of your washer, mount it on the wall, keep it free standing beside your washer or easily carry it into any room in your house at your convenience. Easily watch your clothing spin and dry with the transparent door. This impressive, flexible unit takes laundry in small spaces to a whole new level of convenience.

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High performing dryer for smaller spaces

This unit can be filled with up to 13 pounds of clothing ready to be dried as well as having a generous 3.5 cubic feet of capacity. This is an absolutely impressive set of dimensions for such a small dryer. Incidentally, this is actually Panda’s largest compact dryer unit.

Panda PAN760SF
Panda PAN760SF

Already have a dryer? Not to worry, this little unit ensures that you’d have double the drying power without sacrificing space. Alternatively, you could use your extra, more compact dryer at the campground or in the RV.

Easily stack the unit on top of your existing washer or dryer. Or, you can place beside your existing unit and use the included handy leveling legs to ensure stability. Best of all, you decide where you want it within your home and how long it runs for.

Also featuring an impressive stainless steel drum, this ensures the unit is kept rust and chip resistant, prolonging the unit’s life and making this dryer an investment worth its weight in gold.

Easily mountable onto your wall, it includes a handy hanging bracket. It also comes with a helpful user manual and levelling legs for extra stability, which affords you extra peace of mind. The power is in your hands with the Panda.

Modern, compact and user friendly

This unit boasts a no nonsense, user friendly control panel that clearly outlines all available dryer settings and modes. Choose from air dry, cool dry, and hot dry. Save energy with the Eco mode or save time with Normal mode.

Panda PAN760SF Review
Panda PAN760SF

Whichever you choose, rest assured that both operating modes are energy efficient with a breezy, economical electrical output of 1500 watts.

The compact dryer has a 120 voltage three prong plug that can be used in most standard outlets. This takes portability to new heights, effectively making it so that you can run this unit nearly anywhere in your home.

Safety and energy conscious

This unit features Sensor Dry technology with a quick push of a button. Enabling the Sensor Dry setting helps to ensure that when your clothing is dry the cycle ends automatically, stopping the machine.

This is a helpful safety feature that also is instrumental in conserving electrical energy and of course your own time. Alternatively, you have the option of a timed dry, from 20 minutes to 200 minutes for heavier drying jobs.

Panda Compact Laundry Dryer PAN760SF
Panda PAN760SF

As well, the dryer has an automatic cool down function, so you can take out your dry, warm clothing without them being uncomfortably hot. It also has a hose ventilation option through its rear venting system, but generally is run without a hose and uses recirculated air — another way this dryer unit makes your life easier. No cumbersome hoses to contend with or clean.

With a maximum noise range of 70 decibels, this unit is safe to run for an extended period of time and is no louder than the inside of a running vehicle.

The Panda Portable Compact Dryer: Efficient, safe and flexible

The Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer PAN760SF consistently delivers safety, efficiency and portability. Save money on your power bill with the Panda’s low energy consumption and Sensor Dry feature. Run the unit anywhere in your home, RV or campground that has a 3 prong outlet. Also featuring a one year warranty, this portable dryer is a convenient, no-brainer purchase.

Keep safety first with the removable lint trap and easily remove and clean out lint and dust to ensure your unit continues to run safely and efficiently–wherever you want it to.

Panda Portable Compact Laundry Dryer PAN760SF Review

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