Iwoly vs. Onson vs. Novete: Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison

Cordless stick vacuums are great cleaning tools if you are looking for something compact, portable, affordable, and easy to use. These stick vacuums may not be as powerful as the larger and more expensive upright and canister vacuums, but they present a unique solution that can’t be offered by any of these larger models.


There are many stick vacuums available in the market, each trying to attract buyers with an outstanding feature or performance ability. This makes life very difficult for you when you are looking to buy one of these devices.

The good news is that the wide variety means that there will be something for everyone. In this article, we are going to compare three very popular and very close cordless stick vacuums. They are all made by less popular brands but if the high ratings from users are anything to go by, they have managed to catch the eyes of many buyers.

These three vacuums are the Iwoly i9, the Onson D18E, and the Novete cordless stick vacuum. All three of them are powerful stick vacuums that come with decent price tags and impressive performance capabilities.

If you are wondering which of the three to buy for your home, you have landed on the right page because we are going to identify the functional similarities and differences in a bid to establish which vacuum will give the best value for money. Let’s dig in.

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Suction and Cleaning Performance

We’ll start with the most important function of a vacuum cleaner: the ability to pick up dirt from your floors.

Iwoly i9 Cordless Stick Vacuum
The Iwoly i9 Cordless Stick Vacuum has been designed to look like a handgun perhaps to show how tough it will be on dirt and other stains on your floor. The good news is that this is not all theatrics because it does a great job of removing stains from your floor and above-ground surfaces.

It comes with a powerful motor with a choice of two power modes that will enable you to strike a balance between suction strength and battery life. Switch to High Power Mode when dealing with stubborn stains that are hard to clean using Standard Mode or settle with Standard Mode that has lower suction to maximize runtime, but it is still strong enough to get rid of a majority of the stains common in homes.

The floor tool comes with a multipurpose motorized brush that will go deep in carpet fibers to loosen any dirt present so that it can be acted upon by the 9KPa suction from the motor. It also comes with a set of LED lights that will illuminate your cleaning path in dark areas so that you never miss a spot.

If you suffer from allergies, you’ll be happy to know that this vacuum comes with a HEPA filter that will ensure that the air quality in your home is not interfered with even if you are vacuuming the finest of particles.


Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum
This vacuum also delivers impeccable results when cleaning different surfaces. It has a maximum suction rating of 12KPa that will effortlessly pick up dust, pet hair and even larger debris from carpets and hard floors.

This suction is also available in two modes that you can choose from depending on your cleaning requirements and remaining battery life. MAX Mode gives you the full 12KPa but it drains the battery faster hence you should only use it when you need the extra suction. Standard Mode is targeted towards everyday cleaning and will give you the highest runtime.

This vacuum also comes with a motorized floor head with a brush that penetrates deep within carpet fibers to loosen dirt before it is picked up by the suction. To produce even better results, this vacuum comes with two different brushes that can work with this floor-head.

You get one bristle brush for cleaning carpets and a soft roller brush that will clean your hard floors without leaving any ugly scratches. This floor-head also comes with four LED lights to ensure that your cleaning path is sufficiently illuminated so that no spots are missed.

When it comes to filtration, this vacuum comes with a combination of a washable pre-filter and a replaceable HEPA filter to ensure that maintenance costs are kept low while at the same time keeping the air quality in your home high.

Novete Cordless Stick Vacuum
Here comes another stick vacuum with a design inspired by handguns. That aside, it can build strong suction that will have no problems picking up dirt from your floors and above-floor areas. It comes with a 130-watt high-performance motor that fits nicely above the handle to for a sleek and compact look.

iwoly i9

It comes with a multi-purpose floor-head that will penetrate carpet fibers to remove embedded dirt while at the same time being gentle on your polished hard floors. This floor-head also comes with six LED lights that will illuminate your cleaning path and ensure that you don’t miss a single spot.

This vacuum also comes with a HEPA filter that will ensure that you breathe air that is free from allergens and small particles.

Battery Performance

Since all three vacuums are cordless devices, their batteries are vital parts of their abilities hence we can’t afford to overlook them in this comparison article. Let’s find out how they fare.

Iwoly i9 Cordless Stick Vacuum
The battery on this vacuum is placed opposite the motor in front of the lower part of the handle. This battery is powerful enough to power this vacuum for up to 40 minutes before you have to plug it in for a charge.

On one side of the battery, you’ll find three LED lights that will tell you whether the battery is charging, charged or completely drained. It will take about four hours to fully charge this battery.

ONSON Stick vacuum

Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum
The battery on this stick vacuum is a 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery that will power the vacuum for 20-40 minutes depending on the cleaning mode you choose to work with. When using MAX Mode exclusively, this battery will give a runtime of 20 minutes that can be extended to 40 minutes by using Standard Mode.

Charging time for this battery is between four and five hours.

Novate Cordless Stick Vacuum
When it comes to battery performance, this is the most impressive of the three stick vacuums we are comparing. This is because it comes with a 2000mAh Samsung Lithium-ion battery that will power the vacuum for 25-60 minutes depending on the cleaning mode in use.

Regular Mode gives the highest runtime of up to 60 minutes and it is ideal for cleaning hard floors and above-floor areas. If you need more suction to tackle a stubborn spot, Max Mode will get the job done but you should remember to switch the vacuum back to Regular Mode or else you’ll only get 25 minutes of cleaning time.

Another great benefit of this battery is the fact that it is a detachable battery that you can remove from the vacuum and charge separately if you wish. This means that you can purchase extra batteries to get as much runtime as you need depending on the size of your home. Even if one battery runs low on charge before you are done, you can charge it as you use the spare battery so that you never have to stop and wait for the battery to charge.

This battery needs about four hours to fully charge from a fully drained state.

NOVETE Stick vacuum

Maneuverability and Portability

Let’s finish by looking at the ease of handling these vacuums. We all want a vacuum that’s lightweight and easy to use but at the same time, we want it to be powerful. Vacuum manufacturers have to think of a way of striking a balance between these elements.

Iwoly i9 Cordless Stick Vacuum
This cordless stick vacuum is very easy to use thanks to the use of lightweight components and ergonomic designs in various parts. At only 6.95 pounds, portability should be the least of your worries when buying this vacuum. You will have no trouble moving with it all over your home as you clean.

It comes with a wall-mounting dock that also serves as a charger for the battery to ensure that the vacuum is always fully charged and ready to clean whenever you need it. When using it, steering is effortless thanks to a swivel head design and a lightweight brush.

Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum
This stick vacuum also does well in the portability department. It weighs 3.08 pounds hence it’s a bit heavier than the Iwoly vacuum, but they have managed to make up for that with a flexible head that makes steering effortless.

Like the Iwoly, this vacuum also comes with a wall-mounting dock that also serves as a charging station. This means that it will be ready and fully charged whenever you need to use it. This way, you won’t have to face any unnecessary delays.

ONSON Cordless Stick vacuum

Novete Cordless Stick Vacuum
At 5 pounds, this vacuum is the heaviest of the three, but it’s still light enough to carry around the house without being too much of a bother. The brush head also swivels for easy steering and the handle is flexible enough to fall flat on the ground to ensure that you have no problems when you need to vacuum under furniture.

It also comes with a wall mounting dock that will ensure that the vacuum is out of your way when you don’t need it and although the dock isn’t a charger in itself, you can plug the charger into the charging port as it sits on the dock. This dock also has space for accessories to ensure that everything stays neat and in one place.


These stick vacuums are quite close when it comes to features and performance. The Iwoly vacuum is a great choice for you if you are looking for a lightweight device for light vacuuming tasks. It won’t perform very well on carpets so it will help if you mainly have hard floors or low pile carpets.

On the other hand, the Onson Stick Vacuum is great for you if you are looking for a powerful vacuum for carpets and hard floors that is also affordable to maintain thanks to the washable filter. Finally, the Novete vacuum is a great choice for anyone who needs powerful performance and maximum runtime so if you have a large house, the detachable battery and longer runtime in this vacuum will serve you well.

iwoly i9 Stick Vacuum

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