How To Get Human Urine Smell Out Of Carpet

Thinking about human pee stains and the accompanying odor that would be left on the carpets of your home, it is not really as bad as it sounds. However, if it does happen it is not too difficult of a problem to solve at all.

These mishaps do occur sometimes and for different reasons, but it happens most frequently when you have kids that you are training to use their potty. You shouldn’t really freak out, but it would be a good idea to remove these stains and scent as soon as you possible can.

This article was written to give you some advice on how to deal with these mishaps.

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Utilizing a Soaked Towel. You could either just pour some slightly warm water on the stain directly, or otherwise soak a towel with the water and place it on the stain. This would help to dilute the stain and make it easier to remove.

You would then use a dry towel on the stain and try absorb as much of the water as possible. Use enough pressure and make small movements to collect all of the moisture. Likewise some paper towels would also do the job, but be prepared to use quite a few pieces because it is not as absorbent as a towel would be.

It would not be a good idea to stand on the wet spot and try and absorb more fluid, because if you get some of the pee onto your shoe, you’ll wind up spreading it all over your home.

This method could be useful if it is a little stain that has not been left alone too long. If the stain is larger and has been allowed to dry, you would have to use a more powerful approach to tidy it up.

Salt. This is a tried and tested method that produces good results. The only thing is that you would have to do this rather quickly as it would be more effective if the stain is fresh. In the event that it has unfortunately dried, you should use some lukewarm water on the stain before pouring salt on it.

Pour a little heap of salt on the stain and if any dampness shows up on the top of the salt, then just adding to it until the top shows up dry.

Leave the salt on the stain for about 10 minutes and then clean the salt away by using a vacuum. This is quite possibly the best solution as it would eliminate both the odor as well as the stain.

Vinegar. Vinegar is a customary cleaning method that works for a wide range of stains in homes. We’re certain you’ve seen many articles on the web that suggest using vinegar to clean a wide range of stains. Nevertheless, for this situation will not completely solve your problem.

You should at least attempt it if it’s all that you have nearby. Vinegar will remove some urine from your carpet but it will not remove all of it. If you can smell the pee, it would mean there is still some left.

Have a go at blending vinegar with some cleaning fluids that you have handy. It is quite possible that it would work even better if you combine it with baking soda or salt.

Chemical Cleaner. Chemical cleaners for example Clorox Urine Remover, would actually be the best to use to solve your problem.

It penetrates well into floor coverings like carpets and will remove all pet or human pee. It is always a good idea to have some handy in case you might need it, and even a better bet when you have children or pets in your home.

Make sure that the product you use has sufficient enzymes and other additives to address the germs and microbes of pee.

In the event that you select dry enzyme powder, it should be blended properly with water and then poured on the stain. It should be left for approximately eight hours. Fluid-type cleaning materials needn’t have water added, yet you’d still need to leave it for a couple of hours.

The final step would be to vacuum the soiled spot. You should repeat all the steps described as often as necessary, but you should be able to solve your problem first time around. Besides your carpet being very clean after this, the smell should also be gone totally.

Make sure to follow the directions provided on the rear of the packaging of the cleaner. Despite the fact that most of the enzyme cleaners would work in a similar way, the ingredients and other active contents may be different.


These techniques described above may be a quick-fix and would not be hard work at all.

A straightforward method to address the stain from the start would be to apply lukewarm water to it as soon as you can.

At the point when you have weakened the strength of the pee, continue by adding some of the other solutions discussed above. Pet pee cleaners are available and also a good fix as they contain agitators.

Utilize a towel to apply some pressure to the stain. Flush out the cleaning materials used and inspect the stain. In the event that the stain has been allowed to dry, you’ll presumably have to repeat all the steps a couple of times.

To remove all the smells and cleaning materials, you should blend white vinegar with some water, salt and/or baking soda.

Dry the stain by using a towel or by placing a fan to blow on it. It’s critical to dry the spot totally and it would also be a good idea to ensure ventilation by opening windows or taking the carpet outside to dry.

Remember to wash every one of your towels you used in the process when you’re finished. We would suggest that you leave them in some lukewarm water with detergent added for a couple of hours, and only then add it to your washing machine. Make sure that you also wash them immediately and do not leave it in your washing machine if they are wet.

Wash them properly and do it again if you have to. If the towels are white you could also bleach them to ensure that they are sparkling clean!

You should follow all of these steps if you have pee stains that you have removed from furniture.


Try and remove most of the moisture from the stain by using a clean and dry towel. If you prefer you could also use some paper towels. In any case, it’s fundamental that you do this as quickly as possible before your floor covering or carpet draws in most of the pee.

An incredible method of extricating any pee is by utilizing a Shop-Vac. By using one of these machines you’re practically sure that there will be no pee left, and that only the stain would remain. The Shop-Vac machines have extremely hard and efficient suction power and it could be used for pretty much every vacuuming task.

However, they’re somewhat expensive in comparison to other normal vacuums, but on the other hand if you need the job done properly – this is the way to go!

To remove human pee from your floor covering/carpet, blend one-quarter of a teaspoon of dishwashing solution and about a cup of lukewarm water. Ensure that the dishwashing solution does not contain bleach or lanolin.

Pour the mixture into a bottle you could use to spray with and wet the stain. Allow it to sit for some time before using the Shop-Vac shop to remove all the moisture.

All things considered and although Shop-Vacs are somewhat expensive to purchase only for only one stain, you could make good use of it if already have one. A normal vacuum cleaner would also do if it is suitable for moisture.


As mentioned above, buying a Shop-Vac may be the best answer for the issue, but to go to this expense for just this use would an expensive exercise… unless money is no object.

In the event that that money is a factor, you can track down some top quality vacuums for less than $100. They would have different specifications and features, but would work very effectively in getting rid of the pee.

Having a normal vacuum cleaner that you can afford has its’ advantages as you would get a vacuum for less than you would pay for others. For less than $100 you could find some quite nifty ones!

Despite the fact that it would take a little longer to eliminate the pee with a normal vacuum, it can still be done. Remember that you’ll be vacuum moisture, so ensure that the machine you decide on can really deal with liquids without damaging it.

Vacuums costing less than $100 are normally very simple and straightforward to operate, although they may have some differences.

One of the things you need to keep in mind, is the accessories that are provided with the basic machine. You probably won’t get all the accessories that the upmarket machines would have.


Getting Rid of the Odor. There isn’t really a particular method to use to address the scent of pee, but it would only be there if the pee is still there. When you get rid the pee, the odor would also vanish.

If you need to you could also treat your rug with a scented cleanser, but make sure that you have dealt with the pee.

Where to Buy an Chemical Cleaner. There are a few outlets where you would find this, but we could suggest Amazon as one of your choices. They have a range of cleaners for various uses.

In addition to that, you can also make a choice on the amount that you would want to buy or need, ranging between 32oz to a gallon.

After reading the above article you would have come to the conclusion that treating these stains isn’t as hard and tedious as you originally suspected it to be. It just takes some planning and a few helpful devices and consumables to get it done.

The main thing would be to treat the stain as soon as you can. If that could not be done and it has dried, follow the remedies we described above.

You are free to decide how you will address the problem, depending on what the condition of the stain is, your equipment as well as the materials you have available to work with.

Essentially you just have to be quick about addressing the problem. If you don’t succeed first time around, just do the cycle again before you give up and get rid of the carpet. A few of the stains will be more difficult to get of out if they have been left too long, or maybe you just did not see it.

The advice we have provided works well in eliminating human pee from your floors, and we are certain some of them will assist you in solving the problem.

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