Eureka Canister Vacuum Review (3670h)

From the longstanding Eureka brand comes The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670h. Small but powerful; it weighs in at just about 9 pounds with a snappy 12 amp motor and measures a demure 17.5 x 11.3 x 9 in inches.

Eureka 3670h

Eureka Vacuum 3670h

This dustless canister unit includes a Power-Touch handle, the main turbo nozzle with 2 easily adjustable height settings, convenient detachable dust bag, two 7 inch extension wands, three vacuuming attachments and a handy setting that allows you to change from suction to blow port, perfect for cleaning out the garage.

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Showing efficiency how it’s done

This lightweight, multi-surface unit ensures that cleaning jobs that start in your upstairs hallway and end in the basement can be finished almost as soon as you started, while barely breaking a sweat.

Eureka 3670h Canister Vacuum

The main turbo nozzle is well equipped for both bare and carpeted flooring, with 2 different height settings. The two 7 inch extension wands make cleaning those hard to reach baseboards, steep window frames, or even that obscure crevice under your vehicle’s passenger seat a breeze.

The hardware and attachments:

The intelligent Eureka Mighty Mite has a turbo nozzle equipped with 2 distinct height settings and three different attachments that can be stored on the unit itself for ease of access. You’ll have a handy crevice tool for slim corners and couch ends. You’ll also have a dusting brush for ceiling fan blades and an upholstery nozzle which makes cleaning the debris out of your vehicle’s backseat a breeze.

The 20 inch power cord length makes unplugging an afterthought. When you’ve finished, there is a convenient notch on the back of the unit to safely wind up and store the power cord.

Eureka 3670h Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The 7 inch extension wands are compatible with all included attachments and all but eliminates the need to raise your arms over your shoulders for those taller tasks. An excellent feature in particular for those with mobility concerns and those who don’t feel like experiencing arm and hand fatigue after vacuuming.

The blow port function is excellent for quick patio and garage cleaning, really making this portable canister vacuum a jack of all trades. The no mess dust bag easily detaches with the push of a button, avoiding the necessity of changing out a cloudy dust bin and exposing yourself to harsh allergens and dust.

An exceptional cleaning range

Canister it may be, but this compact and flexible unit paired with its attachments is extremely easy to move around the house with, using a set of back wheels for added mobility and a 20 foot cord length. The cord length ensures that you’re not concerned about finding a convenient outlet every few minutes.

Indeed, this feature allows you to complete almost an entire hallway or large bedroom without pausing to unplug. The vacuum’s turbo nozzle has an impressive 10 inch reach, making it that much faster to finish your deep clean without overexertion.
From the carpet to hardwood

Eureka 3670h Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

This vacuum unit excels on different styles of flooring. The powerful 12 amp motor working in tandem with the adjustable turbo nozzle makes the change from vacuuming on various carpeting and then to bare flooring efficient and seamless.

The 12 amp motor in particular is the highest strength most household vacuums can have. The Eureka Mighty Mite ensures that with its powerful suction and flexible height adjustment, you can spend less time cumbersomely going over the same spot and more time moving onto your next task, regardless if it’s your living room area rug or laminate flooring.

Eureka Mighty Mite: compact and powerful

If you’re after a lightweight, powerful little vacuum that doesn’t cause back pain, hand pain, and general discomfort after using: the Eureka Mighty Mite is for you. The vacuum combines the very best in powerful suction with easy to carry hardware to ensure you have your full range of motion for a quick but thorough vacuuming job.

The convenience of being able to store the useful attachments on the unit itself cannot be overstated. Easily attach the crevice tool for those dark, hard to reach spaces and sofa corners. Make use of the handy 7 inch extension wands to clean off dusty window frames with little effort required. The convenient, no fuss dust bag system ensures that the air you breathe at home is that much more fresh.

A one year manufacturer’s warranty combined with the manifold attractions of this canister unit make the purchase of the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670h a no-brainer.

Eureka 3670h Review

Eureka Vacuum 3670h Review

Canister Vacuum | Recommended

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Canister Vacuum | Recommended

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