Quiet and slim, the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ is more like a cleaning ninja than a proper wireless vacuum cleaner. With its 3-in-1 design, it can easily clean under sofas and beds without you even noticing. A 120 minute run time and an auto-adjust system that allows it to move effortlessly on any surface makes this powerfully elegant robot perfect for keeping your home sparkly clean.

Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum

Target different areas of your home by creating vacuuming zones with virtual boundaries and watch as the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ follows your instructions perfectly. Its strong 1400pa suction power will ensure that every room in your house is nicely vacuumed.

The Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ also lets you choose from five efficient cleaning modes. From Spot Cleaning to Single Room Cleaning, you can simply choose a task and let this cleaning robot do its job while you sit back and relax.

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3-in-1 System and Vacuum Zones for Custom Cleaning Jobs

A smart combination of a 3-in-1 cleaning system and dual edge-brushes makes it so that the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ can go on both carpet and hard surfaces, picking up every pet hair and dust bunny in its way. Wet-dry mopping, multi-surface vacuuming, and dry sweep guarantee that every floor on your home is immaculately clean.

Coredy R500+

Coredy R500+

The Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ also comes with virtual boundary abilities that lets you assign vacuum zones for it to clean. An upgraded system provides you with dual-hall sensors, letting this cleaning robot detect the boundary strips you set up for it.

A remote control allows you to not just customize your cleaning preferences with ease, but also schedule cleaning sessions that are compatible with your routine.

5 Efficient Cleaning Modes Provides for Easy Adaptability

The 5 cleaning modes allow the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ to easily and quickly adapt to whatever task is at hand.

Use the Spot Cleaning mode to target specific areas, while the Edge Cleaning mode can follow your walls to hunt those nasty dust bunnies that like to hide in those hard-to-reach corners. The Single Room Cleaning mode is great for a quick clean whenever guests are coming over, and the Max Vacuuming Cleaning and the Manual Cleaning modes are two other great options that get the job done quietly and efficiently.

Coredy R500+ Review

Coredy R500+

By choosing the cleaning mode best suited for the desired job, you can make sure that your house will never see dust again.

High-Capacity Battery and Smart Auto Charging Designs

Thanks to its 2600mAh Li-ion battery, this robot vacuum can continue to clean assigned vacuum zones for up to 120 minutes. Not only that, but this robot vacuum is fully equipped with an auto charging design that makes it automatically return to its charging base whenever it starts to run low on power.

Despite its 2.7 inches ultra slim design, this powerful cleaning robot can reach a maximum suction power of 1400Pa, all while being so quiet you’ll barely even notice it’s there.

Improved Design Prolongs Vacuum Life and Usage

The sleek glass top cover does more than just provide the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ with a modern look; it is also there to protect the robot vacuum from scratches.

This is but one of the ways that the Coredy is protected by its smart design. This robot is packed full of upgrades that will ensure its prolonged life by protecting it from all sorts of damage.

Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R500+

Anti-drop technology, for example, will prevent the robot vacuum from falling down any steps your home may have, and the dual anti-collision system provides the Coredy R500+ with highly sensitive sensors that allows it to evade any obstacles – from walls to furniture to even the stray toy that has not been put away.

The Cleaning Robot Designed to be Invisible

The Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ is the vacuum robot you’ll never know is there. Quiet and slim, equipped with sensors and a sophisticated program that allows it to follow your instructions perfectly, this cleaning ninja will perform whatever task you assign for it without you even noticing it.

The 3-in-1 system and the 5 cleaning modes provide you with versatility and adaptability so that no job is too difficult or too improbable for this robot.

Be it while you’re at home or at work, with a running time of 120 minutes and a smart auto-charging design, you can be sure that this robot vacuum will get the job done right.

Don’t waste your time cleaning when you can be relaxing with your friends and family; get yourself a Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ and have your home vacuumed while you continue to enjoy the best things life has to offer.

Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Review

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