Review of the McCulloch MC1385 Steam Cleaner


Taking steam cleaning to new heights with emphasis on the natural approach, the McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Steam System is no stranger to hard work while simultaneously taking extra labor off of you and benefiting the environment. With the ability to reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in only 12 minutes time, this unit blasts grime, dirt [...]

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Review of the McCulloch MC1375 Steam Cleaner


If you want a good steam clean that sanitizes without harsh chemicals and without sacrificing control, you have to look no further than the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System. This multi-purposed steam cleaner uses only ordinary water for a natural clean that is capable of sanitizing a variety of surfaces. It is an eco-friendly way [...]

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Review of the Dupray Tosca Steam Cleaner


Steam cleaning is one innovation that has significantly improved the way we clean our houses. It is quick, easy, eco-friendly, and more importantly, very effective in getting rid of both visible and invisible dirt and impurities from our homes. With all that said, the steam cleaner becomes an important piece of cleaning equipment in any [...]

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Best Steam Cleaners for Tile Floors


Imagine having a cleaning tool that is able to give you sparkling clean surfaces with minimal effort and none of the hazardous environmental and health effects that come with the use of cleaning products made from harsh chemicals. Wouldn’t this be great? It is now possible through the use of steam cleaners. When used correctly, [...]

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