Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum 1984 Review

Most upright vacuum cleaners come with the familiar old design that we’ve come to associate with upright vacuums: a brushroll at the bottom and a main body above the brushroll that houses the motor, the dust collection bin, and a handle.

Bissell Air Ram

However, the Bissell Air Ram takes a different approach when it comes to the design. Instead of the usual design, this one comes with a unique look that appears to put a lot of emphasis on aerodynamics. Everything is neatly placed in a compact unit that doesn’t leave any of the internal components exposed.

In this article, we’ll be looking at how this cordless upright vacuum performs. We’ll look at the features that it comes with to find out if it delivers good value for money.

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The most conspicuous feature of the Bissell Air Ram is its unique design. It comes with a unique design that looks elegant and futuristic. The main handle is collapsible to ensure that you don’t have any trouble when storing the vacuum and there is a second handle for lifting the vacuum.

Bissell Air Ram Review
Bissell 1984

The brushroll also houses the dust collection bin that also comes with a unique design. Rather than unlocking a hatch for the dirt to fall in the trash, this one comes with a compact canister that you remove and slide sideways to push out the dirt.


Cleaning is all about moving around so a good vacuum cleaner should not be hard to move. Fortunately, this upright vacuum from Bissell performs exceptionally in this area. For starters, it is a cordless device hence you won’t need to constantly worry about tangling the power cord as you move around or finding a power outlet that’s close enough to the area you need to clean.

It comes equipped with swivel steering that will go a step further in ensuring that you have an easy time cleaning by making it effortless to turn the vacuum. The handle on the vacuum also lies flat so that it is parallel to the floor surface to give you no trouble as you clean under furniture.

You also get LED headlights to ensure that you never miss a spot even when you are cleaning the darkest of corners.

Battery Performance

Let’s now take a look at how the battery on this cordless stick vacuum performs. This battery is a 22-volt professional-grade lithium-ion battery that is capable of powering the device for up to 30 minutes before you have to recharge.

Bissell 1984
Bissell 1984

It is a removable battery so you can always get an extra one if you need more runtime. To give you an estimate of how much runtime is remaining, the battery has status indicator lights that will tell you from a glance how much cleaning time you have left.

The removable design of the battery means that you will be able to easily remove and charge the battery when it runs low without having to move the entire machine. You will need four hours to fully charge the battery.

Vacuuming Performance

The amount of suction available from a vacuum cleaner will determine to a great extent how effective the vacuum will be at cleaning your home. This one does not disappoint thanks to the powerful suction and functional multipurpose brush that cleans both hard floors and carpets.

Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum 1984
Bissell 1984

When it comes to controls, this vacuum is very easy to use because it only has a single on/off switch. However, if you are looking for a vacuum to clean above-ground areas, then this one will be a bit of a disappointment. This is because of its lack of attachments. It does not have any provision for cleaning anywhere else apart from the floor.

With that said, it does a splendid job on floors of all types so if you are looking for a machine that will primarily be used to clean floors, then you will find the Air Ram to be a worthwhile investment.


This is the machine to go for if you are looking for a unique cordless vacuum that does an incredible job on floors of all types. It has a strong removable battery that will give you around 30 minutes of runtime before you have to recharge.

This vacuum’s collapsible handle is a unique space-saving feature that will see to it that the vacuum occupies the least possible storage space. The fact that most of the heavy and vital parts in the Bissell Air Ram are located at the bottom in the brushroll area enables the vacuum to stand freely without the need for any extra support.

Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 1984 Review

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Last update on 2024-02-18 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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