Best Negative Ion Generators in 2021 | Home Air Ionizer Reviewed

The views about negative ionizers are extreme on both ends, and so are the misconceptions surrounding them!

While some claim them to be overnight healers, some believe these are fictitious stories and in reality, ionizers don’t work at all! So to clear out the confusion, we decided to review some of the best ionizers ourselves and filter out the myths and notions.

PureAir 50

And we concluded that negative ions aren’t some out of the world, magical particles that can cure any disease overnight. However, they can be an excellent addition to your home, acting the same way a supplement does for your body.

Now tell us, does your health improve on the very first morning you take the meds? Nothing happens overnight in the world, and that’s true for ionizers as well.

But we also understand how difficult it is to make sure that a particular ionizer will work for you. So, we reviewed many negative ionizers dominating the market right now and listed the best out of them.

Negative Ion Generator | Bestseller

Let’s get started now, shall we?

Twin Air Pro Negative Ion Generator / Ionizer

NaturAir Twin Air negative ion generator
NaturAir Twin Air negative ion generator

NaturAir is one of the most reputable companies out there who always strive to make your home healthier. And after years of dedicated research and improvisations, it has led to this fantastic Twin Air Pro ion generator. The Twin Air Pro trumps other ionizers within its price range due to a ton of awesome features that lead to a healthy and energized air quality in your home.

We’re pretty excited about this product because it’s a fresh upgrade over NaturAir’s classic Twin Air model. The Twin Air Pro comes with an improved ion-emitting feature. It can release a massive 200 million ions per cubic centimeter, which is detectable at a mere 12 inches from the device.

Moreover, like the former model, the twin air unit has 2 emission heads and over 22 fiber emission points for better release of the ions. This also ensures that the air keeps circulating inside the room, and is ridden of all the impurities, dust particles, suspended particulate matter, and smoke.

Noteworthy to mention, ionizers shouldn’t ideally come with any filter or any smell-inducing feature as that signifies harmful ozone emissions. This ionizer doesn’t have any of that!

Apart from that, it’s essential to keep in mind that sensitive people will feel a bit of lightheadedness for the first few days after they install the device. Don’t worry; it’s nothing to get worked up about in the long term since negative ions work that way.

NaturAir Twin Air negative ion generator
NaturAir Twin Air negative ion generator

Finally, the ion generator needs a proper 10 inches space in every direction to deliver its maximum performance and takes less than 22 watts to operate. So, you won’t even notice it in your electricity bill.

However, a tad bit confusing feature is the red light that’s supposed to glow while the device is on, except it doesn’t most of the time. It isn’t a dealbreaker, but a bugger nonetheless.


  • Emits a higher amount of ions
  • Requires minimum power
  • Increases oxygen percentage
  • 1-year warranty


  • The red bulb doesn’t always glow

Wein Vortex VI-3500

Wein Vortex VI3500
Wein Vortex VI3500

Wein is one of the top-class and most reliable brands when it comes to ionizers and air-purification devices. The best part about Wein products is that each comes with some recent upgrades or improvisation over the older models, focussing on user experience and longevity of the product. The Vortex VI-3500 is no exception, and despite some pitfalls, it still manages to perform smoothly. So, let’s see how it fares overall.


To begin with, the Vortex VI-3500 has a massive ion output of 3.4 trillion ions per cubic centimeters, which is one of the highest in the market. Also, this massive stream of ion generation works in an ‘on/off’ cycle, which is a unique feature of the product.

So, how does it work? Well, in the ‘on’ position, the tornado of ions, pumped at 150 feet/second, efficiently rids the air of even the densest micro-pollutants. And in the ‘off’ position, the ionized pollutants fall on the foam collector pad or directly on the floor. Just brush them away, and you’re good to go!

This cleaning technology is further enhanced by the advanced ion-emitter that circulates the air inside the room to maintain its flow. It does this by releasing the ions in a unique spiral motion ensuring that the device always pulls the impurities towards it, releasing fresh air.

And this little bird can clean pollutants of up to 0.01 micron in size, and it manages all of this in less than 4 watts of power.

However, we didn’t like the fact that they paid less attention to safety. It gives you a mild electric shock if you touch the device, and it’s best if you keep it out of your kids’ reach. We believe this is one pitfall that they should immediately fix!


  • Requires very less power
  • Can clean up to 0.01-micron particles
  • Unique spiral air circulation
  • Huge ion generation


  • Might give you a shock if you touch the device

IonPacific ionbox Negative Ion Generator with Highest Output

IonPacific ionbox Negative Ion Generator
IonPacific ionbox Negative Ion Generator

IonPacific is known in the world of purifiers and ionizers for making compact products that are practically weightless. The ion-box, despite its small size, also outperforms most run-of-the-mill purifiers with its pretty neat features and optimal functionality.

Additionally, this ionizer makes a perfect choice for travelers, as it’s very easy to carry. So, let’s see how this ionizer fares considering all its features apart from compactness.

We were very fortunate to have some hands-on experience with this neat and compact ionizer. We felt it was a true powerhouse as it can sweep off 20 million ions every second, compared to ordinary ionizers that can generate 10 million anions, at most! To perform this feat with such a small size, a sturdy fan is placed inside that can comfortably drive the ions in a 500 square feet room.

Surprisingly though, and against our expectations, the fan wasn’t overbearingly loud, considering the performance it delivers. At a mere 39 dBs, it works its way out with nothing more than a whisper!

This brings us to another impressive feature of this little bird, its buttonless design that hits the perfect spot of convenience and ease-of-use. There’s only one power button to switch the ionizer on and off, and a blue light that indicates you of everything working great inside it.

And finally, we were quite impressed by its lightweight design, making it a dream product for travelers who face breathing problems at times. Cleaning the air in a damp, stuffy room hasn’t been easier! This ionbox is a leader of the low-wattage ionizers out there, with unbeatable performance and great results.

However, our review was going fine until we found that the blue light keeps running even when no ionization is going on, and the device is sitting idly. At first, it seemed like a bug in the sample, but we read reviews of verified customers, and they seem to face a similar problem. This blue indicator might act as a bugger when you sleep. Other than this, we’ve got little to complain!


  • Emits 20 million ions per second
  • Tiny, versatile, sleek design
  • Very low power consumption
  • Travel-friendly
  • Doesn’t emit ozone


  • Blue indicator can’t be turned off

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light Ion Therapy
Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light Ion Therapy

Nature Bright has been helping people cope and deal with their lives better with the phenomenon of light therapy. In theory, if your body gets enough sunlight barring the disturbing UV rays, it will have a significant impact on your physical and mental health.

This product from the company is a combination of sunlight and negative ions, doubling the chances to improve your health. So, let’s see whether it lives up to its words.

This 2-in-1 trailblazing model combines the two components of a healthy life: fresh air and healing light, all in a compact design. Physiologically speaking, this combination has an immense effect on balancing your biological clock. It leaves your body energized, free of fatigue, and the constant dizziness occurring from inefficient circulation.

Moreover, the 17,000 Kelvin light closely mimics the blue of the sky, and its warmth can easily outdo heaters, filters, and all temperature-conditioning apparatus. Nothing will brighten up your spirits in the winter, more than the mood-enhancing quality of this UV-free light.

And coming to the ionizer, it only sets the bar higher for other models, by delivering over 2 million ions every second and absorbing all the impurities in no time. This groundbreaking model also comes with a timer that switches the ionizer according to your convenience, while also giving off a slight, sweet fragrance.

Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light Ion Therapy
Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light Ion Therapy

However, we got skeptical about this very smell as we suspect it’s ozone. A negative ionizer that doesn’t have ozone shouldn’t emit any smell, but this one does. Ozone is harmful to people, especially if you have kids around. That puts a dent in the impression of what seemed to be a perfect air purifier fused with a compact and durable sun-touch light.


  • Light mimics sky color
  • Portable and compact
  • Very efficient
  • Reasonably priced


  • The lights are costly
  • The smell indicates the presence of ozone

OION Technologies B-1000

OION Technologies B1000
OION Technologies B1000

If you’re a fitness freak and are always on the lookout for some of the best air purifiers, you must have come across the name ‘OION’ before. For years, they have helped households maintain their air quality, while also ensuring they can do so with the least investment. The B-1000 is one of their proud products, boasting of a host of features that sets the bar higher for other ionizers.

The OION B-1000 is one the quietest ionizers out there as it’s armed with a night light and an efficient ‘Whisper Quiet Purification Fan’ which is as silent as a snail. The fan gets the air in your room up and running, and absorbs all the impurities, including SPM less than 0.01 microns in size.

Furthermore, this is a no-filter model, saving you the hassle of changing jammed purifiers and increasing the overall efficiency of the device. And with its advanced UVGI technology, the device can spray up to 10 million anions, flushing out all sorts of irritants, including pollen, allergens, smoke, and irritating odors.

While most run-of-the-mill ionizers consume a lot of energy to purify this wide range of pollutants, the B-1000 consumes less than 7.5 W. So, now going green is the most hassle-free task of all with this wonderful ionizer.

OION Technologies B1000
OION Technologies B1000

But we’d like to point out that, alongside carbon filters the device also uses ozone in its purifying mechanism. Everyone isn’t okay with ozone as it invites unnecessary allergies and a pungent smell that irritates the lungs of people suffering from respiratory issues.


  • Very low power consumption
  • Consists of a nightlight
  • Whisper-quiet fan
  • Carbon filters and UGVI technology


  • Presence of Ozone

AirTamer A310 Ion Generator

Air Tamer A310

AirTamer is one of the leading brands when it comes to products that help you beat diseases and lead a healthier lifestyle. The A310 is a new upgrade over the much-talked-about A302 model, as the former now comes with a USB rechargeable battery and longer standby time. Let’s see how well can this ionizer tame the air around you!

The A310 model amazed us with its state-of-the-art electrostatic purification, which is a modern cleaning technology. What it does is, it pulls the dust and pollutants with its powerful static force, instead of waiting for them to pass by the ionizer. The result is a 3 feet sphere of very healthy and clean air around you. As this isn’t a HEPA air purifier, it efficiently ionizes the atomic-sized pollutants with its constant emission of over 2 million negative ions every second.

Moreover, its 150+ hours operational battery gives a total output that’s about 9 times the usual ionizers available on the market nowadays. And as its recharging is USB-based, you can practically keep the device running all the time to have a stream of healthy, fresh air to breathe in.

And a noiseless fan, an ultra-compact size, a no-filter design, and an adjustable lanyard only enhance the performance of this trailblazing model! However, there’s one aspect of the product that got us upset, and that is its inability to function during strong winds. Despite coming with a powerful motor, intense winds and storms interfere with the electrostatic technology of the device, delivering poor performance.


  • Strong electrostatic purification system
  • 150+ hours of service
  • USB recharging
  • Noise-free operations


  • Can’t perform well under strong winds

PureAir 50 – Plug-in Air Purifier & Air Cleaner

PureAir 50
PureAir 50

Well, those who are looking for a sweet little purifier that’s just enough for small spaces will be delighted with this model from GreenTech Environmental. Easily qualifying as one of the cheapest and most efficient air purifiers, pureAir 50 belongs to the long legacy of GreenTech products. It’s a company that’s known more for the practicality of their products, and not just for being feature-rich.

First of all, before coming to its unique features, let’s point out who are the people who would most benefit from this tiny ionizer. Without a doubt, it will suit people with space-crunches where a single space doubles down as a kitchen and laundry, or a living room and bedroom. Also, travelers would simply love this product for ways more than one. That being said, let’s move on to the ‘whys and how’s.

One of the core features of the product is its scalable oxygen technology that enhances the purifying mechanism manifold. It’s the perfect combo of advanced oxidation and ionization that leads to air purification within a radius of 325 square feet. So, it’s an ideal kickstart for a traveler to ensure that they won’t get sick anywhere with the pureAir 50 in hand.

The next reason for our excitement is its compact size. It’s so small it’d sit on the palm of your hand comfortably, and its plug-in-any-outlet flexibility allows it to keep all the disturbing odors at bay anywhere you wish.

But here again, all would’ve been great had there been no ozone emission. Yeah, we understand ozone clears out many impurities, but it’s also highly reactive and sensitive people or those with respiratory problems would suffer a bit.


  • Scalable oxygen mechanism
  • Perfect travel buddy
  • Has a single button
  • Easy to use


  • Traces of ozone

Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Pro Breeze 5 in 1 Air Purifier
Pro Breeze 5 in 1 Air Purifier

The thing about the older masters of any field is that they never go out of style! That’s the story of the Pro Breeze. This compelling 5-in-1 HEPA filter air purifier has everything packed together in a single model promising quality, durability, and a staggering performance. Yes, we agree HEPA filters got replaced in the last decade by even more advanced ionizers; but this model is difficult to ignore.

Well, this purifier comprises a HEPA filter, a Pre-Filter, a Cold Catalyst, an ionizer, and a carbon filter. Each comes with the efficiency to flush out certain kinds of dust and pollutants, such as the HEPA filter that’s a champion in absorbing VOCs and particles less than 0.3 microns in size.

And with a single tap, the ionizer sanitizes your entire home at a moment’s notice, working quite reliably in an area of about 500 square feet. So, it’s an ideal choice for a home of any size, big, medium, or small. The icing on the cake is that the device looks great in its small and minimal design and easily fits any kind of home or office decor.

Coming to its convenience, it’s actually a smart air purifier with auto-on and auto-off modes and a timer of up to 4 hours with 15 minutes increments. So, a long and peaceful sleep wouldn’t be interrupted by a sudden gust of impurities and consequent breathing problems, as this purifier has got you covered!

But before you sign up for this, let us tell you two things right off the bat here. It’s a costly model, and it can’t push a lot of air together, unlike the Twin Air Pro mentioned at the top of this list. We could have had an excellent bargain for the price if the airspeed would have been higher, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


  • 5-in-1 filter
  • Cold catalyst filter removes poisonous gases
  • HEPA filter removes 0.3-micron particles
  • Working area of 500 sq. feet.


  • Airspeed is low
  • Pricey

Aviano AV890 7-in-1 Smart Home Air Purifier

Aviano AV890
Aviano AV890

It looks like Aviano has been trying to replace doctors with their superior air purifiers, and with the AV890 model, they seem to have hit the right spot. This 7-in-1 smart air purifier is one of the elite products of the company, and every little piece of it boasts of quality and lasting performance. Let’s check out its wonderful features.

We were excited out of our wits when we received the Aviano AV890 for testing. We’ll try to describe the actual testing process, and how we experienced the benefits of each element in that span of time.

Well, you shouldn’t expect 7 different types of filters in this model, but there are 7 different stages of cleaning. These involve filtering, cleaning, sanitizing, purifying, eliminating and deodorizing, in this order. It’s a model that takes the entire cleaning process to a new level as it can tackle any kind of pollutant with the advanced HEPA filtering mechanism.

Furthermore, to enhance the cleaning process, the ionizer and UV sterilizer come with 3 adjustable fan speeds. This is a superb combo that injects a stream of negative ions in the air to improve its quality. Also, the UV sterilizer absorbs all the traces of ozone and harmful UV remnants that come from sunlight.

And if this wasn’t enough, along with the sensitive HEPA and carbon filters, they also included an aluminum pre-filter. It is an expert in taking out the larger particles such as hair and pet danders far more efficiently, helping the original filters last longer.

But, then again, this smart device would’ve really lived up to its name, had it supported wi-fi connectivity. Doesn’t it sound great that your ionizer automatically purifies your room just 15 minutes before you hit home? Well, a dedicated mobile app should be in order then, and we believe Aviano will deliver that as well, real soon!


  • 7-in-1 filtering mechanisms
  • Many kinds of filters
  • 3 adjustable fan speeds
  • Ionizer works in an area of 350 sq. feet.


  • No wi-fi connectivity

TREKOO Air Purifier Home Air Ionizer

TREKOO Air Purifier
TREKOO Air Purifier

Last on our list is the Trekoo air purifier that’s an ionizer with ozone. It’s a reasonably priced model, and the features it comes with give it a distinct place of its own. Trekoo is quite a famous name in the field of lifestyle products, known for packing many exciting features into one model and keeping the prices modest. If you own a small apartment or an office space, this moderately priced purifier will suit you.

Well, to begin with, this purifier increases the oxygen percentage in your room. It does this by hitting out ozone along with the vast stream of negative ions. This combo absorbs all the harmful pollutants, while the highly reactive ozone leaves an oxygen atom to react with the others. This results in an increased amount of fresh oxygen in your living space.

Also, this stream of anions works over an area of 155 sq. ft. And, the 1 million ions that are released in the air every second can beat even the toughest of odors and air-borne pollutants with ease.

Additionally, this little beast also keeps itself from putting a hole in your pocket by preserving electricity with its advanced motion detector. It’s an intelligent mechanism that switches the device between the two modes, Working and Dormancy, depending on the number of movements it detects in the room. This also increases the product’s longevity.

However, this efficient device could’ve passed out our test very smoothly, but its ozone generation mechanism didn’t quite hit the mark. Ozone isn’t a very healthy purifying molecule to begin with since it brings serious health hazards for kids and people with respiratory problems.


  • Carbon filters
  • Durable
  • Increases oxygen amount
  • Intelligent motion detector


  • Ozone emission
  • Negative Ion Generator Buyer’s Guide
  • Well, the reasons to go for air purifiers aren’t many, as all of them really bottle down to a single one: to breathe safer and fresher air! And with the increasing pollution, having such an awesome friend who looks out for the quality of the air you breathe, is the need of the hour.

Still, there are specific guidelines to keep in mind, and certain questions you need to ask to ensure that the ionizer you’re going for is the one that you need. So, let’s see what they are:

Room size
For optimal performance of your ionizer, it’s always advisable to choose one whose functional capacity is smooth over 20 – 40% of the size of your room. This ensures you don’t have to run around with the device from one place to another to flush out toxins. Room size is thus another essential condition to keep in mind.

Ozone generation

PureAir 50

We always advise people to go for ionizers that have zero ozone component. Ozone isn’t quite a healthy option to consider if you’re looking at it long-term. But most of the time, ionizers do emit ozone to purify the air more quickly.

So, it’s crucial that you look at the ozone emission level and never go for a model whose concentration is above 0.05 ppm.

Noise levels
Noise is a bugger. Yeah! So much so that we put a section here to avoid it all costs. It’s an irritating part of a purifier, and if the ionizer runs 24×7 at your place, you should definitely go for a noise-free device. If you go deaf in the process of cleaning the air at your place, it’s no good, right?

ACH stands for Air Changes per Hour. It’s merely a measure of how many times the air gets purified in an hour. So, if the ACH of an ionizer is 6, its motor runs every 10 minutes to clean the air. The more, the merrier!

Final words

So, we believe that by the end of this expansive list of reviews and a guide, you’ve got a pretty balanced idea of how to find yourself a high-functioning ionizer. Getting confused is easy, as the choices are innumerable on the market today. But, if you keep the details in mind, it isn’t too difficult to decide on which one you need the most!

Stay tuned for more such detailed reviews. We’ll be seeing you soon. Good luck!

Negative Ion Generator | Bestseller

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