Best Mop For Dog Hair in 2022

It perpetually feels like cleaning never ends, even when we diligently stay on top of our dusting and vacuuming routine. Dirt always seems to reappear at a moment’s notice. As we track it in and out of the house, we mess up one part of the house right when we just completed cleaning another area.

And never mind the floors, because kitchens are a huge source of grime and grease too. There always seems to be something amiss, a grease stain here, a spill there. Things like dust and dirt being airborne can also be health irritants to individuals with allergies or asthma.

Let’s get real. Houses can be a pain to keep clean. But people who own pets and keep them in the home have an additional challenge to deal with. Pets like cats or dogs can cause a number of different messes that you’ll need to stay on top of. These include things like pet feces, vomit, and urine. And don’t forget pet hair as well, especially with breeds that are prone to shedding and losing fur.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tools on the market to help you with your situation. People tend to appreciate the ease of using tools like mops, which can clean fur and dirt off your floors.

Are you someone who takes care of a pet, like a dog or a cat? Maybe you have a breed that is especially prone to losing fur and you’re tired of needing to clean it off of your floor constantly. This is not only a routine annoyance, but it might also be uncomfortable for people with allergies or asthma.

Did you know that some brooms are specially designed to help you deal with dirt and fur from pets? This list is going to cover some of the best mops for dealing with dog hair, so you can make an informed decision that will hopefully simplify your cleaning!

Best Robot Mop – Eufy Anker Robot Mop for Dog Hair
This cleaner is a robot vacuum. It is especially effective on dog hair and is intended for pet owners. It is an extra quiet vacuum that shouldn’t scare sensitive or nervous pets. In addition, this vacuum has built-in infrared sensors to help it stay out of harm’s way. It also has an anti-scratch cover made of glass.

With a suction power of 1300 Pa, this vacuum is capable of adding extra suction in only 1.5 seconds when you need that extra boost of power. This vacuum also has a speed of 10.5 inches per second, so it’ll make sure that every inch of your house is tidy and free from fur.

You can also add custom schedules into your vacuum, so it cleans at your preferred times. Using an app on your phone, you can set your vacuum to clean regularly even without you being there in person to control it.

In total, this vacuum also includes five cable ties, an AC power adapter, an additional set of high-performance filters, an extra cleaning tool, four side brushes, and a remote control. Notably, this vacuum provides a maximum of 100 minutes of cleaning time.

* Can be programmed and controlled through your mobile phone
* Can schedule your robot vacuum to clean even when you’re not home
* Comes with a run time of 100 minutes
* Is quiet enough not to scare pets

* This vacuum can’t connect to WiFi

Nine Forty Residential – Floor Dry Dust Mop Broom Set
This mop is of great quality because it is made of nylon yarn. Nylon yarn is special because it can generate a static charge, which effectively attracts and sticks to pet hair and particles.

You can also throw this mop into the washing machine without worry, which saves you time on having to wash your mops by hand. It’s also a versatile mop that can be used on stuff like dirt and not just pet fur. You could easily make this mop the only item in your arsenal.

Not only is this mop great with different possible uses, but it can also do a great job on a variety of surface types. Notably, you can replace the mop head with an option made of all-natural cotton. You can also extend this mop to be as long as 72 inches. You might even be able to use this on ceilings and higher surfaces with the extension.

* Includes a telescopic handle that you can extend as long as 72 inches long
* The included mop head can be washed in a machine
* Made of good quality nylon yarn that can attract fur and hair

* This mop is on the pricier side
* This mop is also a little bulky

JINCLEAN 18” Microfiber Floor Mop
Here is a mop that doesn’t just work well for removing pet hair, but it can also clean your floors and furniture with its double-sided feature. One side of this mop features microfiber, which can pick up things like hair and clean floors. The other side of this mop is chenille, which you can use to get rid of pet fur specifically.

This mop is another one with an aluminum handle, which can telescopically extend from its original length of 30 inches to a maximum of 51 inches. You might wonder why anyone would need a mop as short as 30 inches, but this kind of length might be perfect for someone taller who doesn’t want to strain their back.

Finally, this mop is capable of cleaning damp surfaces and dry surfaces. This means you don’t need to frequently change mops when you need to clean either surface. This mop also has a hinge between the handle and the rest of the mop, which makes it flexible and versatile. This also makes it good for places that might be harder to reach.

* This mop arrives fully assembled, so there’s no need to mess around
* This mop is an affordable option
* This mop is double-sided
* You can adjust this mop to a maximum of 51 inches
* This mop’s aluminum body is durable

* Customers have complained that the mop handle can shorten if the mop’s screw gets loose

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop
This mop is an excellent option if dog hair is a concern for you. This is a spray mop, so it can be paired up with a cleaning solution of your choice. It also includes some refillable bottles for you to add those to. You can even forgo the cleaning solution entirely and go for just water.

Since this mop comes with an ergonomic handle, you’ll be guaranteed a good grip and support when using it. To use the spray function of this mop, you need to activate the trigger button by pressing it. Once you do that, the mop will dispense your pre-filled cleaning solution. The spray nozzle included is designed to release exactly the amount of cleaning liquid that you require.

This mop includes a high-quality microfiber pad, which can attract particles like dust, hair, and in particular, dog hair. The cleaning part of this mop also includes special scrub zones that you can use to scrub out persistent spots.

* This mop comes with a spray function for easier cleaning
* Includes a microfiber cleaning pad
* Comes with areas specifically for scrubbing difficult areas

* This mop is on the pricey side
* Customers have reported that this mop’s head can get loose over time and become prone to coming off

Turbo Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaner
Here’s a mop that will offer excellent quality for its price. This mop includes lots of special features that happen to make it excellent for dealing with pet hair. The mop comes with a big mop head that can pivot. The mop head pairs with reusable microfiber cleaning pads that can deal with both dirt and pet hair.

This mop also has refill pads and replacement handles. These handles will make it easier for you to clean additional surfaces like furniture and walls. The head of this mop is made of aluminum alloy, which you can adjust to make cleaning easier.

A good mop is meant to make cleaning easier and more efficient. With this mop, you won’t even need to deal with swapping out cleaning pads. You can reuse these pads by washing them and replacing them.

This mop is versatile because it can clean not only pet hair but also scrub out stains on hard surfaces such as tiles with the included scrubbing pad. If you’re someone who wants efficiency and convenience without sacrificing your ability to clean, this might be the mop for you.

* This mop includes microfiber cleaning pads that you can reuse
* This is a lightweight mop
* Includes a scrubber pad for versatility
* Effective at picking up pet fur

* Customers have complained that this mop can leave streaks of cleaning residue

Bissell 1806 Power Fresh Deluxe Steam Mop
This particular mop is actually a steam mop! It includes a boost brush, an item that does wonders collecting dog fur, but also helps in removing stains. A really unique feature of this mop is its included scent discs. These can keep your floor and your home smelling fresh, while also cleaning the floor.

As a steam mop, this appliance is not only capable of getting rid of pet fur, but will also help sanitize the floor and keep it smelling fresh. The product includes a measuring cup, which makes your refills easier.

* The included boost brush is great on stains
* The included scent discs will keep your house smelling fresh with each use
* Includes two different steam levels
* Comes with five feet of cording, which improves maneuverability

* Customers have complained that this steamer is stiff when used on floors, which might make it inconvenient to maneuver
* The steam component of this mop is released through an opening on the bottom of the mop, which can result in a hole developing in the microfiber pad with long use

O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop
This next product is a spin mop, which includes a bucket. The bucket lets you decide how much liquid you want in your mop and on the floor. The mop head itself is composed of microfiber, a material with high absorbency that will quickly attract things like hair and absorb moisture while effectively removing stains.

This mop will definitely make cleaning easier and reduce the time you need to get your floors clean. It comes with a handle that can extend to your desired length, which will be especially appreciated by people who are taller.

Finally, this mop and bucket duo will make sure your hands stay dry since you can wring this mop using nothing but the provided foot pedal.

* This mop includes a mop head made of high absorbency microfiber
* This mop includes a foot pedal, which wrings the mop head
* This mop includes a splash guard
* This mop is easy to refill

* This mop is on the pricier side
* The bucket included with the mop is known to be fragile and may break easily

Microfiber Pet Hair Mops

Microfiber mops are actually one of the best options for people who need to get rid of dog hair on a regular basis. You can use them on a variety of surfaces.

You can reuse microfiber mop heads by washing them in washing machines. They shouldn’t get worn out quickly, nor will they suffer from washing. After each use, you should take the mop pad off for cleaning before storing it away for later use.

This mop is effective for both dry and wet cleaning. It is also extremely light and comes with an ergonomic grip that makes it very comfortable to use. The mop is made from aluminum with a microfiber mop head. Its build quality offers an exceptional lifespan.

* This mop is good for dry and wet cleaning
* This mop head is reusable and washable
* This mop is made of durable material

* The mop handle can’t be extended
* Customers have complained that this mop is too moist, which could be bad for some flooring

Choosing a Mop for Dog Hair

Ever heard that every mop is about the same when it comes to cleaning things like pet hair? That statement is incorrect. You probably have enough trouble with pet fur around the house as it is, why not get on board with a specialized tool that can do this more efficiently?

Some mops have special features that are better equipped for dog hair. Take a look at the following points so that you can make the best decision when choosing your next mop.

Size: If you need to clean a number of different rooms, or across wide surfaces, you’re going to need a mop with a sizable head. Mops come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll need to be sure of which size you want in order to avoid being disappointed if your mop can’t meet your cleaning needs.

Additional costs: Steam mops can sometimes come with hidden costs and that’s because the microfiber mop pads that they typically come with are designed to stick to things like hair and dirt. This is in contrast to traditional wet mops that are wrung out with each use.

You should always keep in mind the number of starter microfiber pads that your mop will include. This way, you’ll know if you need to buy replacement mop pads and how often you need to buy refills. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of routinely purchasing replacements, a microfiber mop might not be for you.

Flexibility: A mop that is easy to maneuver and handle is a priority for many people. Choosing a mop with a head that can pivot or swivel on a ball joint may be an added benefit for some folks, especially for those who need to clean hard-to-reach areas. Likewise, ensuring that your mop is of a comfortable weight and ergonomically designed will be a relief in the long run.

Microfiber Head: Do you need a mop that is specifically effective for dog fur? You’re going to need to pay special attention to what the cleaning head is made of. A lot of mop heads that use materials such as synthetic fibers, cotton, or nylon may harm wooden flooring. Furthermore, these materials aren’t the best at absorbing moisture, which could cause streaks of moisture that may harm wooden floors in the long run.

Microfiber is the best option for mops because they offer high absorbency and can attract both fur and dust. At the same time, microfiber is gentle on various floor surfaces and can be washed and reused, saving you money over time in replacements.

Soft handles: Always ensure that your mop has a comfortable handle. If you plan to use your mop for long periods, you may want to consider getting a mop with an adjustable handle. This is especially useful for taller people who will appreciate an adjustable handle for cleaning surfaces.

Cost: Mops are just like any other household investment where the price is an important consideration. Many mops have affordable price tags, but if you have an eye for quality and convenience, you may find it worthwhile to invest more. At the end of the day, however, your budget is the foremost consideration.

Appropriate Cleaning Pads: As mentioned above, microfiber cleaning pads are highly recommended because they can trap hair and dust on your floors.

Thicker pads will offer better absorption since the layers give them more room to hold moisture. Remember to check if your cleaning pads are reusable since non-reusable ones will need to be replaced.

A Comfortable Handle: The mop handle is the section that you’ll be dealing with the most, so ensuring that it’s comfortable is a given. Many mops on the market today are adjustable, which makes the mops usable for different people.

Velcro: Many mops use Velcro to attach the mop to the mop head. This can also let you rotate the angle of the mop head, letting it clean more effectively.

Lightweight: The weight of your prospective mop is a huge deal. Most users don’t want a mop that is too heavy or bulky since this makes it more cumbersome for long work durations. Remember to consider the weight of your mop before purchasing to ensure a comfortable cleaning experience.

Machine Washable: Choosing a pad that can be washed in the washing machine and then reused will make your mop more hygienic and save you some money over time. Sure, you can wash your microfiber pad by hand, but you’ll find that rinsing the pad alone won’t get rid of dirt. This is due to the effectiveness of microfiber in catching dirt and grime. If you want a solid clean from your mop pad, you’ll need to put it into the washing machine for a thorough clean.

Wet Or Dry Mopping: Some people don’t even think that wet mopping should be a common practice since many floors are made of materials that are best kept dry, lest they become damaged. For example, hardwood flooring needs to be kept dry at all times. Otherwise, water will seep into the wood and eventually lead to water damage. This sort of damage could take years to appear, but you’ll eventually notice it.

Persistent Stains: Unfortunately, you’ll probably come across a stain that needs more than just a dry scrubbing to remove. This is especially true for dried stains or pet urine stains. However, if you only want to get rid of dust or fur, you should stick to a dry mop for as long as possible. If you really want to get rid of stains, then you can sparingly use a damp mop.

Some tips for getting rid of dog hair more effectively:

Use a wet or damp mop
It might be counter-intuitive given all the dry pads that claim to use static to attract hair which in theory, should do a good job. However, using damp mops is more effective for this. This is because moisture can suck in dog hair and keep it on the mop head.

If you want to use a vacuum cleaner on your floor to get rid of your pet hair, you’ll need to direct it in various directions to make sure you pick up all the hair. This is because hair tends to get easily displaced, and will likely get under more enclosed areas. If you plan to vacuum up a lot of hair, make sure to check on your vacuum’s dust bag routinely and make sure you have functional filters.

Using a rubber broom
Surprisingly, brooms made of rubber can be really good at grabbing dog hair. In particular, places with tiles like kitchens or bathrooms can benefit from rubber brooms.

Using a dehumidifier
Not only will a dehumidifier improve the quality of air in your home, but you might also notice an improvement in cleaning efficiency. Keeping the humidity low will prevent pet hair from easily sticking to surfaces, saving you time when it’s time to clean up.

Using a lint roller to pick up loose hair
Using a lint roller can be an effective and easy way to grab loose pet hair on surfaces. You can even use these on upholstery since these are often designed for use on clothing. Of course, this isn’t the most efficient method for larger surfaces, but it is easy and quick for touchups.

Groom your pet regularly
This may not be a cleaning technique per se, but brushing your pet regularly will help dislodge loose hair before it can be shaken off over the course of the day.


Do I need to get a different mop specifically for cleaning dog hair?
Typical mops may not be the best choice for dog hair. This is because they tend to push hair around instead of sticking to it. Ideally, a mop should grab onto dog hair and keep it there until you clean the mop off. Before deciding on a new mop, take some time to read through customer reviews to see if your mop is suitable for both dog hair and regular cleaning.

Can I use the mop for dog hair on my furniture?
You can probably use a mop on your upholstery of non-fabric furniture although you may not want to reuse the pad that was just used to clean the floor.

What is the Best Mop for Dog Hair?
Another interesting material for those wanting to get rid of dog hair is a chenille head material. Chenille mops are great for dog hair in particular. Microfiber mops are also good for dog hair since they can trap hair effectively. Dome mops are also on the market and some of them are specifically designed for pet-related cleaning needs.

What is the Best Way to Clean Dog Hair Off Hardwood Floors?
If you want to clean a hardwood floor, a rubber broom might be the best tool. Rubber has static properties that attract pet hair, similar to a magnet. Hair becomes attracted to the mop, making your cleaning experience better.

Does Microfiber Pick Up Dog Hair?
Microfiber is perhaps the best material for picking up pet hair since hair has the tendency to stick to microfiber material. This is one of the reasons why people don’t want to buy furniture with microfiber upholstery since the hair will stick to them excessively!

How can you better control dog hair in the house?
One option is to consider placing covers over your furniture. This doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know your pet has a few favorite spots around the house, you can leave a blanket or a piece of tarp over it. If this is too much effort for you, you can also consider switching to carpets or upholstery that match the color of your dog’s fur.

What is a Good Broom for Dog Hair?
Some brooms are specifically designed to be effective at picking up pet hairs and are named ‘dog hair brooms’ rather appropriately. Often, these brooms use rubber bristles but may also come with things like rake heads or microfiber pads. These brooms are designed to make dog hair on the floor clump up while you clean, which makes them easier to remove.

How do you keep your floor clean with a pet dog?
To keep pet hair from accumulating on the floor, make sure to give your pets regular brushing sessions. Then, make sure you have good tools for cleaning up pet hairs like a broom made for dog hair, or mops with chenille or microfiber pads. If your dog is prone to causing a mess, you should keep sanitizing liquids on hand for things like excrement or vomit. Finally, make sure your pet beds and bowls are kept clean.

If you’re prone to allergies or live with someone who suffers from allergies, you’ll be well aware that dog fur can be a big issue.

Most dog owners are familiar with the problem of dog hair getting all over the house. This is a bigger issue for dog breeds that shed their coat frequently. So, owners should consider customizing their household arsenal to deal with dog hair.

If you’re considering getting a new mop, take a look at the points outlined above to make sure you get a mop that is suitable for your needs.

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