Best Mop For Dog Hair

Dogs are Man’s best friend, but they ain’t so chummy with Man’s cleaning equipment. It’s tough to say what is bigger: the smile on your face as you play around on the living room floor with your fluffy pal; or the pile of hair you collect when you sweep up afterward.

If you have hard floors in your home then you are likely well aware of the issues posed by stray hairs when you are trying to clean, especially if your dog is long-haired. This is a task most average mops simply can’t handle, and all your hard work results in dog hairs swirled across the floor in a scene reminiscent of a Van Gogh masterpiece. Art lover or not, this is not exactly the end goal.

Thankfully, there are mops out there now with designs and features to combat this very issue. In this guide, we will run through all the best features to look for in a mop for cleaning up dog hair, and tips on how to end your hairy woes once and for all.

Picking the Perfect Mop

As has been proven time and again mops and dog hairs are not compatible, so you can’t just run out and pick up the first one you see and expect it to clean efficiently. It is important to do your research before you buy, and to pay special attention to the following features:

Style of Mop Head
A traditional cotton string mop head just isn’t going to cut it here; you definitely need a flat mop with changeable cleaning pads.

Material of Cleaning Pads
There are two good options for mopping up dog hair:


The ultra-absorbent material provides a serious leg up when attempting to mop up dog hair. Everything gets sucked in and they cling on nicely, so you don’t have to go round in circles over the same spot again and again.


This material works in a very similar way to microfiber in that it is absorbent and picks up hair well. The textured surface of the chenille helps trap hair for an even better level of clearance in one go. It is possible to find chenille texture in a microfiber material.

Reusable or Disposable Cleaning Pads
It’s worthwhile choosing a design that utilizes reusable cleaning pads. They tend to be more robust and higher quality than disposable ones and if your dog sheds a lot of hair, you’re going to go through a lot. Reusable pads and better for the environment, and for your wallet.

Size of Mop Head
Judge the size of the mop on the size of your living space. An extra-large mop pad might be great if you have a large open space to cover, but a more compact area could be hard to maneuver around to get into small corners where hair often gathers. Try to get the biggest possible mop head you can easily use in your home to reduce the workload and the time consumed.

Lightweight Build
Even with the best mop in the world, cleaning floors when you have a four-legged furry housemate takes a bit of work. Picking a lightweight, easy to manage model will take a load off and make the process much easier. This way, you can focus on the cleaning rather than lugging around a heavy mop and save your energy for the nice long walk your dog will be ready for when you finish up.

Check the Handle for Comfort
As with the weight, the point of having a comfortable handle is really just to make life easier for you. The more comfortable the mop is to hold and use, the more effective a job you will be able to do. Everyone is different but generally speaking most people will find a large handle to be best. A lot of newer models now come with adjustable handles to suit anyone. A handle may not strike you as a particularly important part of the design, but a good grip allows you more control and ultimately makes your cleaning up easier.

A Velcro mop has a far superior range of movement with a rotatable head to clean at any angle. This feature is desirable for pet owners because hair has a way of ending up in some pretty inconvenient spots, and it will let you get into even the trickiest of hiding places.

FAQs on Mopping Up Hair from Hard Floors

What is the most effective way of clearing hair from a hardwood floor?

Rubber brooms are a great tool for pet owners. The rubber almost works like a magnet by working up static electricity through contact with the hard floor, which then attracts the stray hair. Giving your floor a once-over with a rubber broom before you start mopping will make the task far easier. There are brooms designed specifically for pet hair that combine all the best methods, so do some research to find the one best for you.

Is microfiber the best material for mopping up dog hair?

Microfiber is definitely up to the task of clearing your pet’s hairs up, and as far as mopping goes it’s hard to beat. Microfiber is incredibly absorbent, and hair will cling to the surface as they come into contact and is super easy to pick off afterward. A lot of people also like chenille cleaning pads for their equally absorbent qualities but it’s not quite so easy to detach the hair afterward.

How can you keep pet hair at home under control?

Keeping pets outside for part of the day reduces the amount of hair being shed indoors because running around and playing will naturally clear loose hairs from your furry friend. Brushing your dog before it comes back inside will also help.

There is no avoiding a hairy home if you have an indoor pet, but there are steps you can take to limit it. Machine washable sofa covers are a great way to keep your soft furniture hair-free; you can find them in every color, and they are much easier to care for than upholstery. Leaving a blanket laid out in your dog’s favorite spots is also a good idea, and consider matching your carpet to the color of the dog if at all possible (this doesn’t mean any less hair, but it won’t be so obvious). Keeping a good rubber broom, microfiber cleaning pads, and a good quality vacuum cleaner on hand will go a long way to keeping things under control.

How do you keep your dog’s area clean?

Get some good quality, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and sanitizers and use them regularly around the areas your dog spends most of his or her time. Don’t let any mess sit for long and keep food and water bowls clean to avoid attracting ants, flies, and other unwelcome critters. Take steps to control dog hair around the house (see above) and invest in pet-specific cleaning gear.

Pet hair around the house is not just an annoying mess, it is also unhygienic and can be a health hazard if left to get out of control. Keeping it a bay is a tedious and ongoing task, but a welcome labor of love to keep our pets close. If you keep in mind the specifications and features that work best, choosing a mop should be easy. For big-name reliable brands, O-Cedar and Bissell are two of the best, but there are lots of other great designs out there as well.

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