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MOOSOO Stick Vacuum Review (XL-618A)


The Moosoo Stick Vacuum (XL-618A) is a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that is not only highly efficient but also lightweight, making it easy to give your home a thorough clean. The long-lasting battery can run constantly for 35 minutes while cordless, picking up all types of debris. From hardwood floors to carpet, windowsills to stairs, and [...]

MOOSOO Stick Vacuum Review (XL-618A)2020-05-04T12:19:35+00:00

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded 4-in-1 Review (D601)


You have been at home for a couple of months now with your new baby and the house is a wreck. You have not had any time to sleep or eat, much less keep a house clean when you are constantly trying to make your new bundle of joy happy. Before too long, the little [...]

MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded 4-in-1 Review (D601)2020-05-04T12:19:40+00:00

Eureka Canister Vacuum Review (NEN110A)


Eureka brings you a new approach to vacuuming: experience the Whirlwind Lightweight All-floor Vacuum, designed to save you time and improve your clean. Rather than a tedious chore you dread, you can look forward to checking off this to-do list item in no time. As one Amazon review says, “A good vacuum is priceless, and [...]

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Eureka Canister Vacuum Review (3670h)


From the longstanding Eureka brand comes The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670h. Small but powerful; it weighs in at just about 9 pounds with a snappy 12 amp motor and measures a demure 17.5 x 11.3 x 9 in inches. This dustless canister unit includes a Power-Touch handle, the main turbo nozzle with 2 easily adjustable [...]

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Coredy D400 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Although it comes from a less popular brand, you will appreciate the fact that the Coredy D400 comes with some very impressive features. If you compare it with similar models within its price range, you’ll be amazed by the incredible value you get for the money spent on this vacuum. In this article, we are [...]

Coredy D400 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review2020-04-29T05:55:06+00:00

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R500+)


Quiet and slim, the Coredy Robot Vacuum R500+ is more like a cleaning ninja than a proper wireless vacuum cleaner. With its 3-in-1 design, it can easily clean under sofas and beds without you even noticing. A 120 minute run time and an auto-adjust system that allows it to move effortlessly on any surface makes [...]

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R500+)2020-04-15T07:19:50+00:00

Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R3500)


Everyone loves a clean and pristine environment, but most people are always too busy to do the kind of stressful work that goes along with the territory. This is where machines come in. We make use of these machines as beasts of burden since they reduce our workload. They are also able to complete the [...]

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Coredy Robot Vacuum Review (R3500S)


‘Alexa? Enable Coredy Robot.’ This is a phrase you will actually say to this exceptional vacuum cleaner. Can one simply call it just a vacuum? It seems so banal compared to what the Coredy Robot R3500S can do for you. This little guy is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, and has its own app: [...]

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Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review (280 Model)


The best part of having an in-ground pool are those wonderful summer days spent enjoying the sun and sipping cold refreshing drinks with your friends and family. The worst part of having an in-ground pool is all the cleaning you have to do to make those sunny summer days a reality. But worry not, for [...]

Polaris Vac-Sweep Pressure Side Pool Cleaner Review (280 Model)2020-04-15T07:24:22+00:00

Review of the Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend


With Pentair comes intelligent and innovative inground pool cleaning. The Kreepy Krauly Legend is no exception. This particular unit is designed for inground pools of all shapes and sizes. This cleaner has a smart and powerful front wheel drive, which only adds more efficiency to your pool cleaning. Also a notable addition, 4 wheels instead [...]

Review of the Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly Legend2020-04-15T07:23:32+00:00