If you have cursory knowledge about home appliances, you would know that the Kirby Company has been around for a fair amount of time. They have been in business for over 50 years to be precise, but that’s not the reason why they are considered as one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands. Throughout their 5-decade existence, Kirby has managed to cultivate a nation-wide reputation of being the best in the business, particularly as a door-to-door seller of all-in-one, long-lasting vacuum cleaners.

The in-house demonstration for a Kirby vacuum cleaner can last for over 3 hours! That’s just enough time to showcase the full potential of their devices, and you’ll experience first-hand the incredible shampoo and suction capability of the Kirby vacuum cleaner. It’s a comprehensive showcasing, one that is designed to impress you enough to buy one on the spot. However, that’s a hard trick to pull out of the hat because Kirby vacuum cleaners don’t come cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

To ease your concerns and provide you with insight into Kirby vacuum cleaners, we’re going to raise and answer some questions, so you have a better understanding of whether they are worth the money.

Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth the Money?

How Much Does a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Cost?
We’ve already highlighted that a Kirby vacuum doesn’t come cheap, but what’s it going to cost you? Well, that depends on the model and whether you have excellent negotiation skills. The average price range you can expect would be somewhere around $800 to $1,500 for one. If you’re beyond impressed and want to purchase the carpet cleaning attachments as well, the price shoots up to $2000 and more!

Kirby vacuum cleaners may leave your home spotless after one cleaning, but they also leave a burning hole in your wallet as well. Naturally, not everyone can afford a vacuum cleaner that expensive, which is why most people impressed with a Kirby vacuum prefer paying the monthly price installments. However, because you’re financing, you’ll end up paying more money for the vacuum machine due to interests.

What’s the Warranty Like for a Kirby Vacuum?
There are generally two types of coverage you can avail with a Kirby vacuum cleaner: the limited warranty and the Lifetime Rebuild Program. You’ll get three years of coverage if you choose the limited warranty, which will cover problems like manufacturer defects.

With the Lifetime Rebuild Program, you can choose to refurbish your vacuum anytime you want by sending it to Kirby. They’ll not only perform maintenance on it but will also repair or replace broken parts and clean it before sending it back. The best part? You can have Kirby rebuild the vacuum as many times as you want, but you would be charged a $100 fee every time; this payment amount may increase over time.

Should I Buy a Pre-Owned Kirby Vacuum?
This is a common question asked by people who want to buy a Kirby vacuum but can’t afford to buy a brand-new one. There’s nothing stopping you from buying a pre-owned Kirby vacuum cleaner and you can easily find refurbished and reconditioned Kirby vacuum cleaners at cut-rate prices. The only downside to purchasing a pre-owned Kirby vacuum is that you’ll not be getting any warranty coverage from Kirby. However, if the seller offers you a warranty, it evens things out.

How Efficient Are Kirby Vacuums at Cleaning?
If you don’t want to sit through a 3-hour demonstration of a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner in your home but are still interested in buying it, you’ll be happy to learn that it is extremely good at vacuuming sand, dirt, and hair from carpets. The G6 and the newer models come with a new funnel design on the floor heads that help produce fantastic suction power. This allows the vacuum to pull more dirt from the floor and ensures suction is maintained throughout its path.

How Do Perform at Shampooing Carpets?
Kirby vacuum cleaners are outstanding when it comes to vacuuming carpets. The same can’t be said about their performance when it comes to shampooing carpets. The reason for that may be down to the fact that Kirby vacuums are only compatible with their branded foam shampoo, but they also have a low-moisture cleaning method. That’s great for periodic touch-ups, but it’s not good enough to replace wet shampoo, despite claims made by Kirby.

What Features Are in a Kirby Vacuum?
The great thing about Kirby vacuums is that no two models are going to have the same features. However, one feature you’re bound to find in every model is the self-propelled TechDrive system, which was first introduced in the G3 model. With the G5 model, the plastic fan was replaced with a Kevlar version that was more durable. The G6 Kirby saw the introduction of HEPA filtration to the vacuum.

Some models come with a blower and brush roll switch option, and you get a dual-speed motor with the Ultimate Diamond model. Some standard features that you’ll find in every basic Kirby vacuum cleaner are the manual floor-height adjustment and bagged dirt collection. You will also find that the vacuum has headlights for greater visibility in dark settings and plenty of attachments with any model.

Negatives of the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner
There’s not much wrong with Kirby vacuum cleaners, apart from the exorbitant prices. However, the self-propelled drive train and the durable aluminum housing make the vacuum heavy, with the overall weight topping 23 pounds. The vacuum cleaner is also noisier than others. As they are bulky, vacuuming under furniture and around tight corners may be problematic.

Another downside of a Kirby vacuum cleaner is their inability to swivel which makes turning the vacuum a challenge and that’s not helped because the handles aren’t ergonomic. You’ll have a steep learning curve from maintaining to operating these vacuum cleaners, and it’s recommended that you watch the instructional DVD to get the hang of things. There’s no fluidity with the attachments as well, and you’ll find yourself removing the floor head to attach the hose.

What’s the Service Life of a Kirby Vacuum?
Kirby Vacuum Cleaners are incredibly durable, which has played a part in its popularity over the years. These vacuum cleaners can last longer than other vacuum cleaners. If you maintain it properly, a Kirby vacuum cleaner can give you a good 20 years of service life. You’ll be shocked to know that some people are still using their Kirby vacuum, which they bought in the 1970s and 1980s! That’s over 40 years ago, and nearly a decade before the G3 was launched in the market. Vacuum cleaners must have undergone several rebuilds during their service life.

What’s Maintenance for a Kirby Vacuum Like?
Kirby vacuum cleaners perform best when they are well-maintained, which can be said of any device or product you use. To get the maximum performance, you must get the vacuum cleaner serviced by a dealer after every 3 to 4 years. You’ll also need to replace the HEPA bags and filters periodically. It’s important to know that the belt lasts from about six months to a year. You’ll need to replace the brush roll after every five years.

The Kirby dry foam shampoo comes in an unscented and scented version; out of all the maintenance costs, the shampoo is the most expensive. That’s because a 1-gallon bottle of Kirby shampoo will set you back $30 a pop.

Who Should Buy the Kirby Vacuum?
If you live in a large home with most rooms carpeted, there’s no better choice than a Kirby vacuum cleaner. People living with a lot of cats and dogs will also benefit from this vacuum cleaner, as it performs every task well and covers over all your carpet-care needs.

Who Should Pass on a Kirby?
Kirby vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky, so people who have mobility problems like arthritis may find it too uncomfortable or challenging to maneuver. The weight of the vacuum cleaner also makes it harder to carry it up the stairs. Kirby vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning carpets, so they won’t be a smart choice for a vacuum if you have a lot of hard-surface floors.

If you’re only looking for a carpet shampooer, you’ll find better alternatives out there that are portable and more powerful than the Kirby. You won’t need to take out a loan to buy them as well. To make things simpler, we’ve reviewed some carpet cleaners by different brands below.

Best Kirby Vacuum Cleaners
1. Aqua Power C4 Quick Dry Hot Water Carpet Extractor
The Aqua Power C4 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those looking for residential and commercial use. It comes with a two-stage Ametek motor that produces a maximum airflow of 122 cubic feet per minute, and the 35-psi pump boasts a 108-inch water lift. The Kevlar-reinforced gear belt and stainless-steel bearings also make it incredibly durable.

You also get a high-powered brush roll on the undercarriage of the C4 with a rotating speed of 1,000 RPM, ensuring that the triple-row chevron-style brush roll exceeds all your expectations. The aluminum housing will also maintain the integrity of the roller brush. The sizeable 4-gallon capacity and low water delivery allow the impact-resistant tank to clean 300 to 350 square feet per fill-up. Adding some hot water to the tank allows the C4 to deliver peak performance, and the hinged metal handle makes it easier to carry the container to the sink.

Protects your family by properly cleaning and maintaining carpets
Protects your home with better cleaning and prevents re-soiling
Provides superior value and is water efficient
Earned Platinum Rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute

At 39 pounds, the C4 can be heavy

2. Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3
If you’re looking for a professional cleanup, the 86T3 Big Green Professional from Bissell will do that job for you perfectly. It comes with an extra-wide brushroll, which has a wavy row of tightly bundled bristles that reach the bottom of the carpet easily and lift deep-seated stains on its path. The cord measures 25 feet allowing you plenty of room to vacuum and clean around the home. It also has a 1.75-gallon tank that doesn’t allow clean water to mix with dirty water.

The Big Green comes with a 12-amp motor, allowing it to generate a phenomenal level of suction and minimizes average drying time. It’s been designed to move backward and forward, ensuring you can clean up a carpet quickly. The T-shaped bar on the handle gives you an ergonomic grip for extended shampooing sessions.

Extra-large Dirt Lifter Power Brush for deep scrubbing action
Heavy duty suction power aids in fast drying time.
Two large tanks for full room cleaning
5-year limited warranty

The 40.6-pound carpet cleaner is heavy to move around

3. Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner, FH52000
The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner is designed to make carpet cleaning easier. That’s because it knows when to release water whenever you push it and knows when to dry whenever you pull on the cleaner. The D-shaped textured handle has a simple press and hold trigger, allowing you to easily maneuver the cleaner without tiring out your hands or shoulders.

There is also a translucent cover on the nozzle that lifts and allows you to remove and clean the FlexForce brush roll. The alternating diagonal rows of bristles, along with the brush roll, are powerful when it comes to pulling dirt from high-pile carpets and can also be used on area rugs. Drying your carpet has never been easier with the 12-inch wide nozzle that uses the cleaner’s HeatForce technology.

There is also a 5-year warranty that covers the motor powering the HeatForce extraction and the brush roll, while it only weighs around 20 pounds. There is a dedicated 20-ounce dedicated tank along with a 1-gallon reservoir for mixing water. You also get a storage bag along with the Hoover SmartWash that allows you to store all your accessories in one place.

4. BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner
The SpotClean Pet Pro is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners you’ll find on the market. It weighs only 13.2 pounds and the 10 by 14-inch Bissell vacuum cleaner not only makes it easier to cleanup after pets and children but can also handle extensive party cleanup. It comes with a raised tote handle that helps you carry and lift it with ease on the stairs. Setting up the SpotClean is a streamlined process and it holds 2 separate tanks that hold around 0.75 gallons of water in one piece.

This all-in-one vacuum cleaner makes it easier to clean your automobile interior, pet beds, and more around the home. It comes with a see-through head that lets you see when the dirt has been removed completely and it even manages to extract water when you make backward strokes.

Kirby Vacuums Short Buying Guide
Additional Information
If your priority is a reliable vacuum cleaner, then Kirby Vacuum Cleaners have no match as they are head-and-shoulders above the rest in terms of reliability. However, they’re also the most expensive ones, and you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by the capabilities of one when you see the demonstration by a door-to-door salesman.

But the question remains. Does a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner represent value for money? There’s no doubt that Kirby Vacuums are the best in the business, but can a vacuum cleaner ever be worth $1000? That’s a lot of money; for that amount, you could easily hire a maid to clean your entire home.

Breaking Down the Expenses –Are They Worth the Money?
Kirby vacuum cleaners are designed to maintain and protect the value of your home by providing a deep clean that is unmatched. It’s a heavy vacuum to maneuver around the house, making it difficult to transport it to different areas of the home. If you’re spending $1000 on a Kirby vacuum the least you would expect from the vacuum machine is to be user-friendly at best, so even kids could use it.

The great thing about the Kirby vacuum cleaner is that it can pick up almost any kind of dirt or debris, whether it is broken toys, pet hair, or sand. You’ll also need to consider the cost of replacing the vacuum bags, which are significantly higher than their competitors. With a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you’ll manage to avail the following features:

Belt change indicator
Toe touch height control
HEPA micron allergen filtration
LED headlight
Check out the latest Kirby G6 model on Amazon for a complete list of all the features.

Using the Vacuum – User Review
When the Kirby door-to-door salesman is giving you a demonstration, the most significant selling point that they’ll try to highlight is that Kirby vacuums will last you for decades. However, if you think about it, how often do you buy a new vacuum cleaner? If you’re buying one every year, there’s something going wrong. The only thing that may justify the high price tag of the Kirby vacuum is that it is a carpet/rug shampooer as well. Then again, how often are you shampooing your carpets?

Spending nearly $1000 on a vacuum cleaner may not make much sense, especially because you could hire a maid for that money and get more cleaning work done. Considering the price level they are marketed at, Kirby vacuum cleaners must run super-efficiently to justify their value. One thing you could do to save some money is to purchase used Kirby vacuum cleaners online. You won’t need to worry if it stops working soon after you bring it home because spending a couple of hundred dollars more will help you get a new vacuum for a fraction of the price of a new vacuum machine.

Even though high-powered vacuums make it easier to clean around the home, you mustn’t forget that you’ll still be the one using them. If you don’t want to exert yourself when cleaning around the house, it’s better to get some Roomba robot vacuum cleaners to do all the cleaning for you. Or you could buy a regular vacuum cleaner and spend the rest of the money on a carpet shampooer.

Kirby vacuum cleaners are renowned for being the best vacuum cleaners on the market as they can efficiently multi-task around the home. Kirby was established as a brand in 1906, and since that time their vacuums are known for cleaning dust, dirt, and debris from homes with greater comfort. The company is prompt in introducing regular upgrades to the vacuum machine, which have reaffirmed their status.

The multiple accessories and removable tools that come with the vacuum help perform various tasks with greater ease. The effective sales strategy of door-to-door selling with in-home demonstrations is well-admired by everyone and have made Kirby vacuum cleaners distinctive among others in the market. They are also equipped with HEPA filter technology that ensures your home is hygienic, clean, and free from all sorts of dust and contaminants.

The redesigned engine offers great power to the unit for removing dirt and debris, while the maneuverability and toughness of the vacuum cleaner are also commendable; this is especially when it comes to cleaning up dust from underneath furniture and picking up pet dander from corners. The TechDrive Variable Power Assist technology used by Kirby is renowned for ensuring that the vacuums are versatile and easy-to-use for cleaning around the home.

Kirby Parts and Accessories
You won’t experience any problems in acquiring parts and accessories for Kirby vacuum cleaners, as they are readily available in most markets. The fans, belts, bags, and roller brush can be replaced with real parts and can be found online or in local stores. Most of the parts have been cast with aluminum and are renowned for their quality and toughness.

The All-in-One Vacuum
Kirby vacuum cleaners are renowned for their multiple features. They can perform in shampooer, canister, handheld, and upright mode when required. They don’t need any classification as they can be easily changed. Most units, like the Kirby Ultimate G Diamond Edition and the Sentria System, have been made from die-cast aluminum so they can function like a carpet shampooer, a handheld, a floor buffer, a canister, or as an upright.

There are also all types of accessories that help you in cleaning up things like debris, pollens, allergens, dust, dirt, and pet hair from fragile surfaces and hard floors. The multi-purpose Turbo Accessory System also performs multiple tasks such as turbo polishing, scouring, and power buffing, all of which help you save money at the end of the day.

Kirby Refurbished Vacuum Cleaners
The reason Kirby vacuum cleaners are in such high demand is mainly because of their toughness and versatility. However, not everyone can afford them due to their high-price, but don’t be disheartened because there is a separate market for refurbished Kirby vacuum cleaners. These are the perfect vacuums for those on a budget. Even though they are second-hand, they are better at cleaning tasks and offer more value for money than regular vacuum cleaners available in the same price.

The best part about all this is that you can always get your Kirby vacuums maintained or repaired at any vacuum repair store. That’s mainly because the company offers real spare parts for all its units to ensure that the vacuum cleaner keeps functioning correctly.

Final Word on Kirby Vacuum Cleaners
Whenever you mention Kirby Vacuum Cleaners in front of people, they imagine a door-to-door salesman providing you with an in-house demonstration and selling you on the many benefits of a Kirby vacuum. That’s an innovative way to sell vacuum machines, and it works as well because people are more likely to buy a product that they’ve seen in action in their home.

If you’re in the market for a vacuum cleaner and are looking for a high-end model, there is no better choice than the Kirby vacuum cleaner. Its durability and versatility are unmatched in the industry; besides this, you can also adjust it to suit your needs. You must also look to purchase additional accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner so that it’s easier to clean curtains, flooring, and upholstery.

The durability of Kirby vacuum cleaners is legendary. Parts for the vacuum cleaners are readily available, and this has ensured that Kirby vacuums have been passed from generation to generation. There’s also a Kirby Owners Club, which should make them worth the money because, let’s be real here, which vacuum cleaner manufacturer has its own club? So, if you’ve been impressed by the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner have a Kirby salesperson come to your home and demonstrate the many benefits and suction capabilities of the Kirby vacuum cleaner!