Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier Review

What’s missing from your basement or crawlspace? Is it cold, or damp? If so, it’s a dehumidifier and the Aprilaire 1820 Pro Crawlspace Dehumidifier is what you need. With it cleaning 200 cubic feet of air per minute and extracting seventy pints of water per day, it’s clear to see that this is a heavy duty machine. It is perfect for homes that are about 2,200 square feet, but for more details, keep reading this full review of a Aprilaire 1820 Pro Crawlspace Dehumidifier.

Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier Review
Aprilaire 1820 Pro

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A unit’s performance is a key factor to consider before purchase. How energy efficient, noise polluting and moisture removing the dehumidifier is is important to know before buying the product and taking it home. Below we’ve listed the details for the Aprilaire 1820 Pro that you need to know.

Energy Efficiency

Only using 5.8 amps of energy, this dehumidifier has one of the top stars from Energy Star. For this low amount of energy usage, it is extremely powerful and thus is one of the best dehumidifiers for this performance feature.

Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier
Aprilaire 1820 Pro

Noise Level

Noise level isn’t an important factor for a basement or crawlspace, so it is not something that needs to easily sway your decision of purchase. But, the Aprilaire 1820 Pro is known for being slightly louder than other models available. So this model would be perfect for somewhere that isn’t a bedroom or sleep area.

Moisture Removal

The moisture removal is one of the key selling features of this model, with it being able to remove seventy pints of water each day. The Aprilaire 1820 Pro is perfect for you if you want a machine that can handle a large amount of water.

These performances are so critical in the decision making process, and need to be compared against multiple models to ensure that you are finding the best deal. You need to make sure that you are considering all of this when going into the decision to purchase.

Key Features and Functionality

There are so many features to look at, consider and evaluate when searching for the perfect dehumidifier for you. We have listed some of the most important features to consider to ensure that you make the correct choice below.

Aprilaire 1820 Pro Dehumidifier, 70 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier for Crawl Spaces, Basements, Whole Homes up to 2,800 sq. ft.
Aprilaire 1820 Pro

Controllers are a frequent feature of dehumidifiers, with WiFi or wall mount being the most seen. Although the Aprilaire 1820 Pro is more expensive, it is highly effective meaning that the price is a very good indicator of quality and performance making it the best to buy.

But features are still a very important factor to consider before purchase, so ensure you keep reading to find out more useful information for making your decision. Some of these features can be the deciding factor for your purchase, and can help to make your yes and no list.

Ease of Use, Maintenance and Upkeep

It’s all well and good having a dehumidifier that has high performance and great features, but if it’s over complicated and too difficult to figure out how to use – what’s the point?

Aprilaire 1820 Pro Dehumidifier Review
Aprilaire 1820 Pro

A feature that can make dehumidifiers easier to use is WiFi access. WiFi access makes it simpler to use and control settings as it gives a direct line from the user to the dehumidifier through applications on devices such as a mobile phone or tablet.

This feature also allows you to control the settings from any location, and can be great in instances where you may have forgotten to make a change when travelling or out of the house. This is a very desired feature, and if it is important to you then the Aprilaire 1820 Pro is a model you need to evaluate.

Maintenance is another option to consider, and is very easy to handle for this model. If you use a continuous draining feature, it eliminates the need to go through the effort and worry of having to empty or clean the tank.

However, you will always need to ensure that you are cleaning the filters – this can be done with some warm water and a little bit of soap, or as an alternative vinegar is known to remove built up debris and dust. This needs to be done every few months or so to ensure that the dehumidifier continues to work effectively.

Aprilaire 1820 Dehumidifier Review
Aprilaire 1820 Pro

Final Thoughts

By now you’ve realized that there are a lot of factors and features that need to be considered when looking to buy a dehumidifier, especially the Aprilaire 1820 Pro Crawlspace Dehumidifier and you need to make sure you know everything there is to know. This is because it is a very heavy duty machine, but there is the ease of access through WiFi.

However, it is expensive but as said earlier, the price matches the quality. Out of all the dehumidifiers out there, this one is highly recommended. So it’s worth looking into.

Aprilaire 1820 Pro Dehumidifier, 70 Pint...
  • BUILT TO LAST with corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, Aprilaire Dehumidifiers are designed and manufactured...
  • MINIMIZE AIRBORNE VIRUS SURVIVAL rates by keeping relative humidity below 60% with a dehumidifier
  • HELPS PREVENT MOLD, TERMITES, STRUCTURAL WOOD ROT, AND ODORS in a sealed crawl space, and damp carpeting and...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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