AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station Review

Electric vehicles are known to possess several benefits, including its lower maintenance cost, renewable energy, and eco-friendly materials with pose less pollution to the environment. Electric cars are amazing solutions, but you can’t get anywhere unless you keep its battery charged.

AmazonBasics Charging Station

However, the issue of charging the electric vehicle has been on for a long time. Using the public electric chargers, you could end up not reaching enough charging capacity, and it can be hectic, especially when you have other things to address. So unless you get your charging station at home, you are stuck with the stress.

Now, with the Amazon-branded level 2 Electric Vehicle charging station, you can easily charge your electric vehicle, even from the comfort of your home. Its excellent features make it suitable for different electric vehicle brands.

The Amazon-branded level 2 Electric Vehicle charging station is built to withstand several weather conditions and allows you to install it anywhere you want. It is beneficial for persons who travel long distances every day and charge their vehicles mostly at home. All components needed for the installation of the station comes with the level 2 charger, which includes a cord-wrap hook.

This charger allows you to charge your car even when it is not parked very close to the station, due to its long cable. The connector’s handle and indicator lights, which keep you informed of the station’s status, are amazing.

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Here are some more excellent features of the Amazon Basics EV level 2 charging station

The Simple and Space-Saving Design

You can choose to mount the EV station wherever you want. It is not bulky; the charger is thin and 3.2 inches deep. It measures up to about 7.6 by 11.2 inches in dimension. The hardwire installation makes the installation process easy and offers high value and security.

This level 2 station is with a hook that allows you to wrap the cable neatly, thereby saving space. This charging station does not, in any way, alters your home aesthetics.

Interior or Exterior Installation

The AmazonBasics level 2 EV station can be installed inside or outside your home. You can install it in your garage or anywhere else in your home.
It is made of durable PC material with clean white finishing. This charging station provides reliable indoor and outdoor performance since it is resistant to dust and water.

The NEMA 6-50 Plug

The EV charger is equipped with a NEMA 6-50 plug, which runs on a 50A circuit. The benefits of this plug are that it requires fewer wires than others, and its cable width is small, making it easier to use. This charging station for electric vehicles is highly trusted for fast charging. The built-in overcurrent and leakage current protection can also be installed as another unit, on its own, to ensure your safety.

Faster Rate of Charging

This EV level 2 station charges more rapidly, on an average of 25 range-per-hour (RPH) charging speed. In comparison to others, this level 2 station is very fast. Also, the small indicator light bar on the charge station helps you to monitor the charging status. You can minimize your charging time by charge at high speed.

Well-built Housing

This electric vehicle charging station’s housing is durable, made from polycarbonate plastic. It resists impacts from heat and various weather elements. Hence, dust, water, and snow and water would cause no or little damage to the charger.

User-friendly connector

The cables and connectors are user-friendly, it ensures you can pack your car in a comfortable place, rather than to maneuver your car to reach the cable. The cable is about 25 feet long; hence there is less rigidity regarding where to park your and charge.

The comfortable handgrip, texture, and angled shape allow you firmly plug it into your car with ease. The cap covering the connector helps keep dust away from internal components.


If you own an electric vehicle, and you have been thinking of the best charging station your vehicle needs, the Amazon-branded level 2 Electric Vehicle charging station is everything you need. It is simple, reliable, and efficient, providing a comfortable handgrip.

This product also provides all the necessary parts required to mount the station and install it on the wall. With the data screen which displays essential information, including the real-time charging Amperage, charging Voltage, current temperature, total kilowatt consumption, amongst others, you can easily monitor important information during charge.

AmazonBasics Charging Station Review

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