AmazonBasics Dehumidifier Review

The AmazonBasics dehumidifier is a decent dehumidifier that comes packed with plenty of features to give you an easy time as you strive to keep your home’s humidity within healthy and tolerable levels. It’s very easy to use and maintain making it a great choice for most homes.

AmazonBasics Dehumidifier Review

Dehumidifier Review

Many problems can result from having excessive humidity in your home. From health problems to accelerated deterioration of your home and furniture, you really can’t afford to ignore it. That is why you need to consider getting a dehumidifier like the AmazonBasics.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and capabilities of this dehumidifier.

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Room size Ratings

This is one thing you need to have in mind when looking for a dehumidifier for your home. It’s important to think about the size of rooms in your home and the typical humidity levels so that you can get a device that will give you value for money.

AmazonBasics 4,000 Square Feet Dehumidifier Review
AmazonBasics Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier will comfortably work in rooms with floor spaces of up to 4000 square feet and standard 8-foot ceilings. This means that unless you have very large halls in your house, this device will be able to handle whatever room you throw at it.

Water Collection

This is another thing that you can’t afford to overlook when buying a dehumidifier because it determines just how much of your attention it will need when in operation.

Fortunately, the AmazonBasics dehumidifier comes with a large 50-pint water collation bin that gives more than enough water storage space for hours of use before you have to empty it. This bin is removable so emptying is quick and hassle-free.

Another thoughtful feature found in this dehumidifier is overflow protection. This feature shuts off power to the dehumidifier when the water collection bin gets full. This way, you can be sure that you will never come home to ugly messes as a result of water overflowing from the collection bin.


While air filtration is not the main function of a dehumidifier, it is still a welcome addition. This dehumidifier comes with a filter that will clean the air passing through. It is a simple filter that can be cleaned and re-used to minimize operating costs.

AmazonBasics 50-Pint Dehumidifier Review
AmazonBasics Dehumidifier


This dehumidifier has been designed to give you an easy time as you use it to control the humidity level in your home. One outstanding feature is the Auto Restart that will retain the previous settings in the event of a power outage.

Another impressive feature is smart dehumidification that will maintain the humidity in your home between 45 and 55% automatically as long as the water collection bin is not full. You also get access to a timer that you can use to program the appliance to start at the most appropriate time.


If you are looking for a dehumidifier capable of taking on large rooms without requiring very much of your attention, then the AmazonBasics dehumidifier will give you good value for money.

It’s easy to operate and comes with plenty of options for you to play with to ensure that you get the most conducive indoor environment.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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